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FXcuisine: spectacular recipes and memorable food experiences. This blog is a feast for the eyes.

It has been linked before and mentioned recently, but deserves its own post. You can browse FXcuisine by tag or popularity. Don't miss the "next page" link at the bottom of posts.

A couple of my favorites: Ramadan kebabs in Istanbul, fondue at a dungeon chalet.
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I wish the Experiences Section wasn't so simplistic, but as far as food porn goes? First rate! The Tandoori chicken and several of the cheese recipes were a delight to look at.
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thanks for this
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It does deserve its own post.

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While the curds cook, Jenny rushes out to quickly wash her cheese forms in the cows' water trough. I quickly follow her when the open hearth fills the chalet with smoke. Cheesemakers are obsessive about cleanliness or they change profession quickly. If you tolerate any kind of impurity, bacteria or hair to fall into the cheese, it will show as a nasty green or black scar within days.

I don't think cleanliness means what this author thinks it means.
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I love this site - beautiful photography, interesting food and a healthy disregard for cholesterol doomsaying . . . possibly one of my favourite lines on food ever, in reference to Beignets de Vinzel (deep fried Swiss cheese and egg toast fritters):

In restaurants these are usually served with pickles and a salad, but if you are on a diet you can omit the salad as it has no real nutritional value.
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goddayumm, son. thats some good eatin'.
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We are starting watermelon cultivation in Malayattoor village near Kalady the birth place of Adhi Sankara in Ernkulam Dist. Kerala. Pl inform from where we can get good watermelon seeds? And its marketing possibility.(Vijayan Pandala)Secretary.
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One of my favorite blogs ever. The author is an excellent photographer and foodie, has some amazing stories to tell, and even responds to all his comments.
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Soaking stilton in port?. Dear god man, any gentleman knows that's trick played on riff-raff and colonials and the quickest way to ruin two perfectly good food stuffs.
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His lamb pulao has become a staple of mine. It is the best smelling food in existence as far as I am concerned. I like to serve it with raita (he has a great recipe for that too) and topped with pomegranate arils. As I learned from having too much leftovers, if you eat it three meals a day for two consecutive days, it will make your sweat smell like cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.
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