Blind Justice
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Blind Justice..... Sir John Fielding, 1721-1780, brother of novelist/playwrite Henry Fielding (Tom Jones), was a blind magistrate at the Bow Street court (known as the "Blind Beak of Bow Street"), home of London's first professional police force, the Bow Street Runners.

Wonderfully fictionalized in a series of books by Bruce Alexander (a.k.a. Bruce Cook).
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Channel 4 did some sort of series about this, and produced a rather good flash game as a tie in.
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I was just going to mention the books. They're good reads.
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For those wondering, it's pronounced like the "bow" in "bow and arrow" or "bow tie."
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Long before Wikipedia existed, I read some historical fiction that mentioned Bow Street Runners briefly, but couldn't find out anything about them. I'd forgotten about them until I saw this post, thanks for the reminder. That Wikipedia article is pretty good.
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That Wikipedia article is pretty good.

It also seems wrong. My understanding is the "runners" didn't patrol but were called upon to investigate a crime after the fact, and only by those who were paying a retainer.
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The game is both entertaining and instructive. Fun.
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