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The OMB has a blog (feed) -- Peter Orszag started one at CBO (still going under Douglas Elmendorf née Bob Sunshine) and carried blogging over to the White House. The Atlanta Fed has one too (not to be confused with Macro Man). David Altig unofficially began it as an economist at the Cleveland Fed and then, when he became research director in Atlanta, made it official (altho still hosted on TypePad). Are there any other (federal/state/local/non-US) worthwhile government blogs (wikis sure) out there from our shiny new iPod gov't? cf. DoD live (check out the other service blogs, e.g.)/air force live & USAgov on twitter
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If this Budget used the gimmicks employed in recent budgets, it would show a bottom line that would appear about $2.7 trillion better over ten years.

Jesus. Bush really fucked us over, didn't he.
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This Budget puts us back on a road toward economic and fiscal health by:
* Being honest.

Okay, Peter Orszag, let's be honest, starting with your toupee, then your growth projections.
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Report: Democracy 2.0 not quite the upgrade we first thought - "This past election saw a lot of talk about 'Democracy 2.0' and how the Web has fundamentally changed the political landscape. A survey from Pew suggests that the Web's impact on politics isn't completely benign, as it has increased the political participation gap between rich and poor, even after controlling for Internet access and age."
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