All the world's their stage
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Twelve Angry Lebanese - inmates from Lebanon's infamous Roumieh Prison are putting on an adaptation of Twelve Angry Men - to stunning reviews.

An outstanding cast starring The Roumieh Prison, where elements of the extremist Fatah al-Islam are held alongside The Four Generals - former head of General Security Maj Gen Jamil al-Sayyad, former chief of police Maj Gen Ali Hajj, former military intelligence chief Brig Gen Raymond Azar and Republican Guard commander Mustafa Hamdam - wanted as of today in The Hague for Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's 2005 assasination.
.... and introducing the talented and brave Zeina Daccache: an interview, her org and a bit about drama therapy.

Just Twelve Angry Lebanese, you say?
"In fact, we are 20 angry men. Or five to six million angry Lebanese - or maybe even 350 million angry Arabs."
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All the world's their stage? Aren't they in prison?
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Twelve Angry Lebanese is a rugged theatrical collage. Daccache uses Rose’s text as a narrative scaffold, adding personal monologue, sketch comedy in drag, live original music and even a hip-hop dance break – a veritable cellblock tango.

The inmates who acted also had a hand in creating this version. I'm even more intrigued now.
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I read that as "Twelve Angry Lesbians" and was expecting a very different play...
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I'm with Aversion Therapy, it sounded more interesting as "Twelve Angry Lesbians." I was imagining a mash-up with No Exit.
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Let's hope the audience can behave themselves a bit better than their Aussie brethren.

I love this screen shot of the movie. I use it all the time.
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That should have been "All the stage is their world."
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Re: "all the stage is their world" vs. "all the world is their stage".
NB: silly to focus on the title of a post instead of the content but nm.

The inmates' world doesn't stop where the stage ends or even within the prison limits for two simple reasons; they find their inspiration in the Middle-East events in which they are also actors, and their playacting reverberate beyond their jail house walls.

Also, the Bard's words mean that no matter where/who you are on life's journey, you are but one of many actors just playing a part in a tragic farce of events.

Then again, I guess it's As you like it.
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