The fit continues to hit the shan?
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The fit continues to hit the shan? "One (FBI) agent says evidence that he personally obtained - evidence that might have helped McVeigh's case - may have been ignored or not documented by the FBI. "
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It's funny really because just think about this scenario: They find enough tampered evidence and screw-ups by the FBI to let McVeigh go. LOL If I were McVeigh, I'd just take the needle and tell my attorney to shut the hell up because I can not imagine how long he'd live and what kind of torture he'd go through when some of those families get ahold of him. In fact, let's just get rid of this trial sh*t altogether and let him go, see how long he lasts anywhere in the US, actually, anywhere in the world for that fact.
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Some believe this is the argument regarding Charles Manson. Besides the fact the man is just sociopathic, some charge that since Charlie technically didn't kill anybody, life in prison is a bit much. However, he's been demonized by modern pop culture - were he allowed free tomorrow, there'd be a few hundred boozed up rednecks with sniping rifles waiting for target practice just outside the prison walls. Manson's safer inside - from society. Kinda makes ya wonder who's protecting who?

As for McVeigh's guilt or innocence, that's entirely irrelevant now. Better to kill him off and make him a martyr for his distorted cause. I would like to think his death will not be remembered five years from now. Unfortunately, there's people out there who will not allow that to be the case.
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Better to kill him off and make him a martyr for his distorted cause.

I disagree entirely, only because the sense of remorse is not there for him. By saying that we should kill anyone, to have that ability and obtain it, would mean that we (as far as the society that is aware) would be able to determine that a person was completely responsible, and that there was no question in anyone's mind that the person should not be allowed to live.

However McVeigh should not be allowed to go back into society. He is as much of a threat to it as it is to him. He should also not be allowed to communicate his message. I've said before, it's complete BS. He (now supposedly) went through the long drawn out process of building a bomb and planting it in front of a building. At no point did he ever consider that someone in that building had the same views as he did. At no point did he think about how deeply this would wound the lives of so many. It's the "Casualties of War" when the war is really against himself, yet I assume there are people that follow him, and I bet even those that idolize his ideas. I say shut him up...there is too much controversy over his death, the PC thing to do would be to not kill him, yet make the rest of his life a living hell.
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