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Geeky? Crafty? Got some time on your hands? Make your own boardgame pieces! Tutorials for making custom 3-d Settlers of Catan tiles (and gorgeous custom sets here, and here, although with no instructions,alas). Agricola more your style? Grab some polymer clay and get making resources, more resources, food, sheep, more sheep, boars, cattle, and (of course) farmers, farmers, farmers, farmers, farmers, and farmers. Don't forget fences, tiles, and a starting player piece. Lots more in the image gallery at BoardGameGeek.
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Very cool, I love the custom Settlers pieces. I also give props to this set of custom Carcassonne pieces made from gingerbread.
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A couple of weeks ago, I went to a wedding where there were Carcassonne meeples on top of the wedding cake.
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This is cool.
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Opponent: "I finished the city with 11 tiles, WITH a Cathedral* for triple points... hey, where's my Cathedral?!"
Me: "Om-nom-nom...."

We play the expansion with Cathedrals, which helps make the game a little more interesting for us. By "interesting," I mean rage-inducing.

litlnemo: Man, if we had known we'd have crashed it. We loves us some Carcassonne.
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My particular flavor of geeky runs more towards D&D and miniatures wargames, the crafty angles of which are well covered by Hirst Arts blocks. Using rubber molds to cast blocks, you can glue them together in a style similar to (MetaFilter favorite) Lego blocks.

The results can be very impressive.
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We're putting meeples on our wedding cake as well! We've opted for a cupcake cake, and it will be topped with a chocolate/chocolate cupcake with a mahongany meeple (groom) and a sugar cookie/vanialla cupcake with a pale oak meeple (bride). March 21!
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p.s. JHarris the wedding is in Atlanta so I can totally set you up with a cupcake, dude.
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Man this is cool.

I wish I knew people who played boardgames.
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I wish I knew people who played boardgames.
Boardgamegeek.com has a game group finder forum.
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If anyone out there is a fan of Arkham Horror, you should check out Strange Eons, a little program that lets you make custom everything for the game. I had a lot of fun with it over the Christmas holiday, before grad school took my life away again.
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I wish I knew people who played boardgames.

I don't know about your city, but meetup.com (I know, I know) has a pretty large board game meetup group in my city. You might look around for your area.

On preview, what aeschenkarnos said, too.
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This is cool. I've been thinking lately about how to make a custom Advanced Civilization set and Scrabble set.

There's a game studio, Cheapass Games, that basically specializes in component-added games.
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I have (Fimo) wood for (Fimo) sheep!
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I almost wish I hadn't hand-made a chess set once as a gift. And I definitely wish I could avoid posting the strange, trippy results here.
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Cool. I'm in the midst of making a custom Clue for a wedding present, actually. Although the couple loves Carcassonne, too, so maybe I'll make them an expansion in the future.
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