Unilateralism means never having to say you're sorry.
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Unilateralism means never having to say you're sorry. Kyoto Accord? Bah! Anti-ballistic missile treaties? Bah! Didn't you hear, man? We won the freakin' Cold War! Now that we've got a Real Man in office, we don't have to listen those pussies in foreign countries anymore. (found on Plastic)
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Sounds good to me. We are following the model of the Roman Empire. And we have enough nutty people in place now to match all their crazy rulers. A point missed in this charming piece: if we are to go it alone, why not turn the U.N. into a shopping mall and kick the foreign trash out?
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Let's start by dividing Gaul into three parts again. The English can have Calais if they promise to be a good client state.
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Is it still too early to put in an order for that condo on Mars? I suddenly don't want to be anywhere on this planet anymore.
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Krauthammer...the name says it all.

"democracy can be imposed by force"

Yeah, and so can free will.
This guy speaking about democracy...what a joke. Isn't this the sort of person who would say we're a republic, not a democracy?

For the US to say ANYTHING about democracy after our recent election farce debacle is the ultimate hypocrisy.
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As much as I fear a world where the US can do ABSOLUTELY anything it wills without having to answer to anyone, it also fits a political model I have been building for years. Essentially, the ballancing power of the supreme airborn firepower of the US means that, if employed properly, will allow for a world to be moulded and shaped into a more efficient less nonsense global structer.

I have thought so long and hard on this, I cannot stress how important it is for someone to step up to bat and beat the hell out of the idea of an uncordinated world "democracy". To put it in a metaphor, the Big Top tent will not stand as long as everyone has their own pole and pulls their own way. In order for the big top to remain in one piece, one man (group) must control how it is raised, and how it stands.

Within another 10 to 15 years, the US will finaly be able to cut the legs out from in under any rebel nation or un-cooperative world power (read china). You have to face up to it: as much as we all think that cooperating and democracy is a good idea, you have to know that when the world is equally shared, there is no room for comfort, no room for computers and beer, no time for pizza and milkshakes, because if every country distrabutes resources evenly, its communisim, and then no one has anything good. I feel really bad in pointing this out.

Once the States control space, then they will have the power to organize all remaining resources toward more efficient goals such as mining the asteroid belt for trillions upon trillons of untapped resources upon which our species can build a future our children will survive in.

I feel even worse in having to say that the future must also encompass an understanding that once world power is all under one thumb, population control must begin. Here in the 21st century, we are on the threshold of longer lives, fewer illnesses and more vast population blooms. I can see no other country than the US that might stand up and eventually enforce the idea that we cant just have a huge family of children without considering the consequence it unspools all over the world model for those childrens very future. We will choke on seas poluted and air to foul to breathe because our children will live longer and have more children, produce more waste, eat more food, consume more resources.

The cycle must be preserved. If we all have our way, our future is dead. It all begins with a world power controlled by one group.

I am affraid, for just because they have the power, does not mean it will be used properly.
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