Cast in Stone
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This NSFW slideshow helps serve as an introduction into the sometimes ribauld art of the Gargoyle. Here's your site index for the silent orgy complete with an interactive UK map should you wish a more personal experience with stone exhibitionists or Sheela Na Gigs ( previously 1; 2; )
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Wow, amazing stuff there. You can see why St Bernard "famously protested (around 1125) about the fabulous monsters and other frippery which diverted the attention of the (illiterate) people from their imminent damnation... 'there is seen everywhere such a marvellous diversity of forms that people read with greater pleasure what is carved in stone than what is written in books, and would rather gaze all day upon these singular creations than to meditate upon the Divine Word.'" Great post!
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Stone hot!
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I came in to pedantically point out the difference between a gargoyle (which has to have a water-diverting function) and a grotesque (which may be purely decorative), but I see your "introduction" link makes the distinction, so I have been spared the trouble. Though apparently I have not taken advantage of that fact, and made the distinction anyway.
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Great post, thanks adamvasco! I too would rather gaze all day upon these singular creatures than meditate upon the divine word, or do timesheets.
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Ha! Thanks, I've been to Rodel on Harris many times but never seen the rudeness!
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Is this really not safe for work? Where do you people work?
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and naturally, the sculpture of the temple at khajuraho for a different perspective. (about, say, 25% NSFW)
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I'm disgusted. The internets really need to be policed!
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Wow, a surprising number of them are sucking their own penises. People complain about our declining moral standards; these are right out in the open!
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These are great. I wish there was more information about what kinds of buildings they were made for. Did some cheeky stonemasons sneak in some auto-fellatio for a church, or are these just for the villas of the decadent rich back in the day.

Oh, and I could have done without the last frame of the slideshow.
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Is this really not safe for work? Where do you people work?

And are your co-workers in your lap?

(I had to scrutinize the images pretty closely to work out who was doing what to whom.)
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