You know, I really like it.
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Royksopp are celebtrating 10 years as a duo with a new album called Junior. Kicking off the celebration, a video for their new single Happy Up Here, featuring a live-action battle between humans and space invaders!

Video directed by Reuben Sutherland.
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The keyboard riff on this song is sampled from the Parliament song "Do That Stuff" (I can't believe I left that out of the FPP)
posted by orville sash at 7:22 AM on March 3, 2009

Royksopp's music is awesome. It's only appropriate that they always have awesome videos, too.
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Saw this and I've been watching their videos the past couple of days. Great stuff. I've enjoyed their music in the past and it looks like they've kept up their quality.
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This is a fine post and Royksopp is a fine band.
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Excellent. They're among my favorites. They and Ulrich Schnauss have made several long car trips a lot more enjoyable.
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I'd never heard of them until I searched for the music backing my favorite Geico caveman commercial.
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I'd like to say that I'm way hipper because I knew and enjoyed Royksopp before seeing a Geico commercial, which is true, but I discovered Nick Drake from a VW ad. And that's not hip, it's just sad.
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Totally a serious question: Does Royksopp have some kind of following amongst IT and tech types? Because before the Geico commercial, those were the only kinds of people I ever heard talking about them.
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Replacement link for Plutor's one that no longer works.
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(How odd, Plutor's link works now -- a minute ago, I got "This video is unavailable". Well, I guess you get a choice between YouTube and Vimeo, then.)
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I love this song and video.
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Seconding discovery of Royksopp via Geico. Whatever it is, they have it. Royksopp youtube channel now marked for later viewing on AppleTV.
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Not bad empath. I still really like the original. I first heard of them maybe about seven years ago, through the ubiuitous 'Eple' song, and I hadn't kept up on them. I was watching a movie a few weeks back and heard What else is there? and decided to catch up on what they're doing.
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Mmmmm, nice. Great video to boot. Thanks for that, orville sash and I didn't catch that it was a Parliament sample. [Unlike Do Fries Go With That Shake [what a slack awful video]].

Holy Fuck's Re-interpretation of Happy Up Here is nice too.

Been listening to Royksopp for quite some time, wasn't aware of the Geicko ad...[not IT/tech type]. Not groundbreaking new, Royksoppyish.

Made me want to listen to Bjork's, We Are Earth Intruders.
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Awesome; thanks! Though my favorite Royksopp song/video is still Poor Leno.
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I found out about them from a real Norwegian (I know! I didn't believe in them either!), who gave me a copy of the Eple single.

I am told "Röyskopp" means "puffball mushroom".
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I'm glad to hear their new stuff. I saw them open for Moby in Vienna back in 2002. I had never heard of them prior to that. Actually, my friend and I who went to the show were so drunk by the time their set started (young obnoxious Americans, we), we thought they were Moby (obviously not a big Moby fan). I can't really recall anything specific about the set, but the music was great and we enjoyed the hell out of it. When they finished playing and we realized our mistake, we were like "Aw crap. But we already SAW Moby. Or, we saw someone play who we THOUGHT was Moby and now we're all Mobied out for the night." So we split. On the way out we went to the merch table to buy their album, which the guy selling them refused to give us until we pronounced their name right. "Roy's Cop!" "No, not Roy's Cop." "Royal-kop!" "No, just read it." "Roil-kom....come on just sell it to us!" Then we staggered two miles back to our hostel. Back in the states a few weeks later, we got to impress everyone with our knowledge of obscure Norwegian electropop, until they showed up in the Geico ad. Anyway, good music lads.
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If there is value in being Norwegian, stylistically wandering and great music, then Jaga Jazzist is worth knowing too.
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Thats funny you mention that, hifiparasol, I was turned on to Royksopp by a web developer friend of mine and another buddy of mine in IT operations is a big fan. I too, am tech guy, in IT project management.
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Totally a serious question: Does Royksopp have some kind of following amongst IT and tech types?

"The song "Eple" (literally "apple" in Norwegian) was licensed by Apple for use as the welcome music to the company’s Mac OS X Panther operating system, playing the first time a user booted a new Mac."
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Somwhat disappointing. I really liked the Melody A.M. album when it first came out, especially "Remind Me". This new track sounds way too much like "Eple" to my ears. Hopefully the other tracks aren't as recycled.
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That's my favourite song of their's too Empath, but that remix is terrible. The original is much better I think.

The new video and song are great, can't wait to hear the whole thing.
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That's my favourite song of their's too Empath, but that remix is terrible.

Must not be a DJ. It was a surefire hands-in-the-air anthem for a year or so.
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If this album is half as good as The Understanding it'll be a great year.
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Great video and song!
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I agree with paradoxflow about the remix. The original is better - and I think the vimeo version is sharper.

That woman is from a band called 'The Knife.' I want to see more of their stuff.
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Yes you do, jfrancis. Silent Shout is a superb album. If you haven't seen/heard any of their stuff, check out We Share Our Mother's Health, Marble House, and Silent Shout.
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Does Royksopp have some kind of following amongst IT and tech types?

Dunno, but I am certainly an IT/ tech type and I do love this music. I was also introduced by a friend of mine in It and a php programmer. I simply don,t know the answer...but that's my story.

Thanks to the poster of "remind me". That might be the best video I have ever seen, closely followed by some of Chris Cunningham's work.
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Thanks, subaru and iviken. I knew I was on to something.
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No IT/tech-type can resist The 64 Position.
posted by man vs sun at 6:56 PM on March 4, 2009

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