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Asthma and tv watching may be linked, which is interesting by itself, but eagle eyes will note a strange choice of a photo of child watching television. Remember this guy?
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This is worse than when Reuters used that photo of Hitler on their piece about mustaches attracting bed bugs.
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omg palestinians cause asthma pass it on
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Wow, fail.

Oh wait, can we still say that after this post?
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_o_ \o/ (o) lol

(guy doing yoga)
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(guy doing yoga)
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So I'm picturing this suicide bomber standing up on a bus going "AllahuuuUUUUH! HUUUUHHH! HUUUUHHH!" and whipping out an inhaler.
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The Lion King, too.
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Though taking this first link seriously, I would wonder if they asked the kids why they watched more TV. I had asthma growing up (and it's sticking around too). It wasn't until I was 18 or so that I really understood my Asthma. I was diagnosed so young I'm not sure it was ever really explained to me, just had to keep this inhaler in my backpack and gym locker. Asthma wasn't going away, and that it was why I felt like shit when running. Then I started actually taking my medicine, recognizing symptoms, and living with a crappy chronic condition, thats A-ok with meds and knowledge.

Maybe Billy doesn't go play soccer with the neighborhood kids because wheezing with your lungs in a vice isn't the nicest sensation. An 8 year old will make the connection "soccer = do not want". Not to mention, if you wanted to take your inhaler before soccer that NERD written on your forehead is hard to wash off. (as demonstrated above, but it's ok I know breathing is cool.)

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I'm confused now. Is Mickey calling for a jihad on asthma?
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So sitting on a dusty carpet in a closed room eating crap food for two hours a day can make you sick? How's that?
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Poor Metafilter Use.
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Funny, you caught that, huh? Kinda like the Bert is Evil thing being on some anti-American poster... Now I must conclude this comment by saying that this does not constitute a good post. (burp)
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Asthma and passive activity may be linked? Shocker of shockers!

Explanation 1: as fontophillic described, maybe the kids with undiagnosed asthma are simply avoiding physical activities which may trigger attacks.

Explanation 2: as mattoxic (half) described, maybe the conditions of an early sedentary lifestyle aren't great for building healthy lungs.

Explanation 3: maybe the smog outside is making kids feel more comfortable inside.

Explanation 4: OMG television and the kids are watching it! And asthma!? The lightnig box causes asthma!

Makes good sense to me to go with explanation #4 there.
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Wow, this explains why I had asthma growing up! That 500th viewing of Gilligan's Island while eating breakfast before catching the school bus!

Oh, wait. I don't have asthma.
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my dad had asthma and coughed his jihad all over the place
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From Getty.
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Actually, asthma is caused by tylenol. I mean aeresol sprays. I mean a lack of parasites. I mean pollution.

Fuck it and face it: nobody really knows.
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There are some theories about asthma and vitamin D deficiency floating around right now. I guess these findings would fit in with them (more time in front of the tv => more time indoors => less sunlight => less vitamin D => ?mysterious black box? => asthma).
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Seconding mattoxic, though less glibly. I got my asthma under control by eating right and exercising regularly. I found - and this may just be me - that good cardiovascular exercise (I like to run) gets your lungs working a little better. Just make sure you use a standard rescue inhaler (like Ventolin) before your exercise, so your lungs don't tap out before you can really get going.

Wait, this isn't AskMe? I think I need to check the color settings on my monitor.
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And here I thought, judging by the title, the link would be to this (not safe for overly strict workplaces)
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pointing out the bleeding obvious, what a load of rubbish
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The problem with the articals talking about these studies is that they seem to willfully ignore the fact that they are correlation studies. Correlation does not equal causation, which has been stated above.
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"Get me a stock photo of a kid watching TV, STAT!"
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