The Artfull Bras Project.
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"Members of Quilters of South Carolina have created one-of-a-kind bras for Breast Cancer Awareness. The exhibit consists of fifty original works of art which are unique, entertaining, humorous, and beautiful to make the public aware of breast cancer, to memorialize those lost to the disease, and to honor survivors." via
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Hey, these are great! Nice find, gman.

self-link to table-o-bras
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"And bears are only the tip, so to speak, of the cornucopia of pink-ribbon-themed breast-cancer products. You can dress in pink-beribboned sweatshirts, denim shirts, pajamas, lingerie, aprons,
loungewear, shoelaces, and socks; accessorize with pink rhinestone brooches, angel pins, scarves, caps, earrings, and bracelets; brighten up your home with breast-cancer candles, stained-glass pink-ribbon candleholders, coffee mugs, pendants, wind chimes, and night-lights; pay your bills with special BreastChecks or a separate line of Checks for the Cure. "Awareness" beats secrecy and stigma of course, but I can't help noticing that the existential space in which a friend has earnestly advised me to "confront [my] mortality" bears a striking resemblance to the mall."
Barbara Ehrenreich, "Welcome to Cancerland"
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Wow, the first lingerie that wouldn't even turn on a 13 year old right out of puberty.

The Halloween one kinda did me though.
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Wow, the first lingerie that wouldn't even turn on a 13 year old right out of puberty.

Oh come on.

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These are cool. My sister participated in a similar type event but with shoes. (It was a breast cancer awareness event sponsored by a shoe store.) I love how creative people can be.
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The "Nursing Bra" freaks me out, but not nearly as much as the "Pair of Perky Hooters," which will totally give me nightmares.
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I call dibs on the Halloween one!
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They aren't wearable, of course, nor even all that interesting as art, but what is really enjoyable is the wit and cleverness of some of the concepts: the nursing bra, the toucans/two cans, the election-themed support your favourite boob, the sports bra, look at them melons, and the Boo-bies Halloween bra.
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Okay, is anyone NOT aware of breast cancer by now? And does the sheer tonnage of pink ribbon crap make any difference in the number of people getting mammograms?
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Hear, hear, Madamina. These are charming. But breast cancer awareness long ago jumped the shark. "Awareness" has become celebration.
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I thought the pink ribbon merchandise helped raise money for research.
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I would wear Boo-bies. There were some others that I thought were incredibly clever.

And I've been a little annoyed about all the damn pink breast cancer stuff too, mostly 'cause I hate pink, and because the Komen Foundation has the marketing machine from hell.

That said; we lost our health insurance when my husband was laid off, and I needed a mammogram because the NP thought she felt something during my annual exam. The $700.00 to have it done wasn't in my budget, but Planned Parenthood and the Komen Foundation stepped up and got me an appointment. (Which I just had this afternoon. )

While on the topic of breast cancer awareness, may I just say that mammograms are proof that not nearly enough women are designing medical equipment? Because holy mother of the FSM, that is an unpleasant thing to have done, and man, 4 hours later, I hurt like...well, like my DD boobs got squashed to a 2" patty in multiple directions.

But, if all the damn pink everywhere funds a way for a less painful process, and a process that doesn't cost near a thousand dollars, then I say, damn the torpedoes, full Pink ahead.
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Now I can tell that dude on the bus I know where he got his bra! Thanks for this, gman!
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Having recently received grant money from SGK to provide screening and education to traditionally undeserved immigrant communities in NYC, I'd say that the fight is not over yet...

Economic, cultural, and language barriers are real things, and prevent many women from being screened.
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These are charming. But breast cancer awareness long ago jumped the shark. "Awareness" has become celebration.

Making breast health something that is not as noxious a task as going to a dentist is actually an important part of making sure that people are getting the preventative and early-warning type of care that they need to stay healthy and alive. If people like this sort of thing and that's what it takes to get them to donate money or go to the doctor and feel good about either one, good.

For people for whom even getting access to any health care is an incredible headache, this sort of thing is mission critical for keeping people aware and healthy. Don't get me wrong, I hate the pink ribbon crap and the million ways to divest me from my do-gooder donations. At the same time, when I had an irregular mammogram a few years ago that required scary follow-up (I'm fine) and got treated with respect and courtesy and speed I highly suspect that the heightened awareness to breast health issues generally had a lot to do with the care I received and I was happy for it.
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