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100 fantastic animated shorts for a century of animation. Almost all entries with video.
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I'm looking forward to going through these when I'm not at work.
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#58, "Jumping," is great.
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If you liked that, you might also enjoy this YouTube channel.
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I am trying to find alternate works to replace the ones that had no video, to show an example of the artists' work:

Pritt Parn, Triangle (for Hotel E)

Jerzy Kucia,The Ring (for Strojenie Instrumentow)

Jan Lenica Labyrinth part1, part 2 (for A) Searching for a Jan Lenica DVD led me to the short Animated World blog in the first place.

Bretislav Pojar, E (for Lev a Pisnicka)

Michel Ocelot, La Legend du Pauvre Bossu (for Les Trois Inventeurs)

Henri Gruel, Boris Vian Eclate La Jaconde (for L' Horrible, Bizarre et Incroyable Histoire de Monseiur Tete)

George Dunning, the Flying Man (for Damon the Mower)

Charlie Bowers, It's a Bird (for Egged On)

Jean-Francoise Laguione, Gwen et le Livre du Sable (for La Traversee de l'Atlantique a la Rame)

Hector Hoppin and Anthony Gross,La Joie de Vivre - a short clip from the film.

Classic Sesame Street animation by Giulio Giannini and Genova Sinfonia della Cittia by Emanuele Luzati (for La Gazza Ladra Sinfonia)

Alexandrie Alexeieff and Claire Parker,Le Nez
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Been loving this site for a few days now...could have sworn! it was posted before.

Anyway, nice rounding-out louche! Thanks!
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Heh. I was blown away that it wasn't. It's a very well thought out collection.

I noticed that the George Dunning piece that I posted was on the list, so here's another.
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If you like this sort of thing, I very highly recommend "La Maison en Petits Cubes." It won the Oscar this year and is heart-achingly beautiful.
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