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And now ladies and gentlemen introducing for the first time a new singing television star: Uncle Pecos.

Chronic stutterer, character actor, singer, member of the legendary (on 78's) western vocal group the Sons of the Pioneers, and supporting player in film and TV westerns over a 40 year career - Shug Fisher sang as Uncle Pecos in the Tom and Jerry cartoon Pecos Pest. He was also "Old Man Harris" who enjoyed a snort of sodie pop in The Giant Gila Monster (as seen on Mystery Science Theater 3000)
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The linked video needs more volume. I could not make out any of it.
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The list of unnamed bit parts he had in various TV shows throughout the 60s and 70s is impressive:

salesman: "Petticoat Junction"
barber: "The Legend of Jesse James"
blacksmith: "Daniel Boone"
sooner: "Laredo"
old prospector: "Laredo"
driver: "Bonanza"
telegrapher: "The Virginian"
desk clerk: "The Virginian"
tinker: "The Virginian"
mule skinner: "Gunsmoke"
barkeep: "Gunsmoke"
prospector: "Lucan"
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I don't think I've ever cracked up because of tom and jerry but freakin Crambone is gold.
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I love you, Smed. Uncle Pecos' version of "Froggy Went a'Courtin'" is one of my all-time faves.
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LSK - try the Pecos Pest link. Longer, but it's decent quality.
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I had my doubts reading this post on the front page, but then the [more inside] knocked it out of the park. Thanks for filling the background of some great memories.
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Oh man that made me laugh. Hadn't seen it in a while. Tks
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I love how these things I've wondered for YEARS eventually end up being answered by MetaFilter.
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Excellent setup for the [more inside], which was good. Thanks!
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Never got to watch T&J, 'cause the station never carried it. The few times I got to see it when visiting relatives, I didn't much like it (I guess 'cause I was a Warner's watcher).

This, however, was fantastic. As good as anything Warner ever did.
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Excellent use of the "crambone" tag.
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Wow, talk about Mefi synchronicity. My brother in law and I have had 'Crambone' as an in joke for the past few months and have been trying to track down the original track. All we could find was the T&J clip. Thanks for putting this together.
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