Fly me to the moon, so I can play among the stars...
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Friday Flash Fun: Green Moon Lab! Manipulate gravity and momentum to get to the exit in this sleek, simple, Portal-esque physics puzzler. Contains twenty levels plus an unlockable challenge mode. A little weak in the writing department, but the drunken swooping gameplay more than makes up for it. (via)
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Note: the author made the mistake of enabling the player to access the main menu and start before the preloader is done. If you're impatient and skip the intro quickly, pressing the "Play" button for Level 1 may not work right away. Give it a few seconds -- new music will kick in when the level is ready.
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Free Rider 2 might also be of interest to FFFers. Has gravity, momentum, and 247,000 levels to sift through.
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if you like this, you'll like this.
(i like both)
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this is not a game for being hungover with.
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it was fun right up until the level with GUNS. Then I got repeatedly shot to death. :(
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level 16 is kicking my ass.
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Level 17? Anyone? Been on it a half hour, and it seems to make no sense.
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The cake is a lie.

I can tell.
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Whoops. Never mind.
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.ʍoɥǝɯos ǝɯɐb ǝɥʇ uı ʞɔnʇs ǝq oʇ ɯǝǝs ı
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For those who enjoy this, Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii has several levels that are similar.
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Urgh. Too disorienting. Made me seasick. But it looked like fun if you can get past that (which I couldn't.)
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Goodnewsfortheinsane, if people were doing that constantly, I'd be totally annoyed and find it tacky. But since they don't, my only response is: whoa! Check that shit out!

And yeah, the disorientation bugged me. You can turn the camera rotation off, but then, when you're "upside down," it reverses the left and right on you.
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I, too, was way too disoriented. Like watching a Bourne movie. It reminded me of the far less eyecrossing Shift.
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