Leftist Elected in El Salvador
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In light of the Salvadoran right’s fear-mongering campaign in advance of the Central American nation’s Sunday presidential election, which has sought to portray leftist candidate Mauricio Funes of the Farabundo Martí Liberation Front (FMLN) as a kind of dangerous foreign agent of Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez, perhaps it’s instructive to consider the political history of the past four years.
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About ten minutes ago I read this interesting MoJo article tipping a FMLN victory. Certainly sounds like they need a change.
posted by robcorr at 5:21 AM on March 16, 2009

I heard that Mauricio Funes doesn't have a valid US birth certificate.
posted by DU at 5:42 AM on March 16, 2009 [1 favorite]

So, when is Regan going to send in the CIA death squads?
posted by Thalience at 8:43 AM on March 16, 2009

Hi, I'm going to put my whole post in BLOCKQUOTES for no apparent reason.
posted by Afroblanco at 8:45 AM on March 16, 2009

There really has been a stunning turn to the left in Latin America. It's even more stunning that it's a generation of largely thoughtful pragmatist leaders with little in common with Chavez. Here's hoping Funes continues this trend.
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Funes has won.
posted by Xoebe at 9:51 AM on March 16, 2009


It's to show that Funes is actually a centrist.
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lukemeister: When going from right to left, one must first pass through the center?

Afroblanco: What's the protocol for quoting a really long sentence? Just quotes, eh? When are blockquotes appropriate?
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The only time people use blockquotes is for lengthy quotes and almost always in the format of:
Lengthy quote.
Title of essay and/or short description thereof [by Person Q. Lastname and/or about such and such a subject]

This is a style much used by y2karl but others use it as well. When the entire post is a quote it's best to put it in within quotation marks. Also, while this is a very interesting subject it would probably have been better to post the update as a comment to your post from March 12th about Funes.
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Good call, that would have made sense. Thanks.
posted by aniola at 2:56 PM on March 16, 2009

It's to show that Funes is actually a centrist.

There are better ways to do that!

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