Do you ever dream of monsters?
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They follow you on the escalator and bother you at the bus stop. They spook your horses and frighten your children. But deep down, they just want to be loved. Belgian animators Thijs de Cloedt and Wouter Sel from Volstok Telefunken have imagined monsters for all occasions. [Website in Flemish]
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I like this one.
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I love this one so far.
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wait, OMG this one.
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I wish I knew what the people in these videos are actually reacting to - before the monsters are drawn in, I mean. They seem to be members of the general public, not actors, and their responses are such an odd mix of surprise and utter disinterest. Do the animators roam the streets of Brussels wearing silly hats and shouting 'Boo!' ?
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[this is good]
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Very cool.
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They seem to be members of the general public...

I think the children one disproves that. The animators didn't manhandle those kids. I guess they could have videotaped a parent lifting one, but at the very least they'd have to be in on it. And the escalator couple seem to be talking to a friend of theirs off screen. (PS: I completely believe that's your real hair, dude.) The bus stop woman is ambiguous.
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I think it's rude and too clever by half to blindly assume that people are actually "reacting" to something other than these monsters.
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These are so good.
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I suspect it's some combination of people who are in on it and people who aren't. Hard to say what's happening underneath the animation, though.
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Love these!

uhm, spoiler alert?


I noticed in some clips people disappear from one frame to the next. I think they must splice together different takes from the same. Watch the one with the baby reindeer monster closely.
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I'd say that there are probably some people who are in on it, but I think the majority of these are unknowing members of the general public reacting to something else.
Like this one, or this.
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These are so wonderful! Thanks for this post!
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