Mural Mural on the Wall
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Making use of the space left between short shelves and high ceilings, Pentagram worked with some artists to make some fantastic murals in New York City elementary school libraries.
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That's very nice.
posted by anniecat at 9:11 AM on March 17, 2009

The murals make the spaces much more inviting and less intimidating. Those are great.
posted by onhazier at 9:17 AM on March 17, 2009

fabulous! thanks for the post.
posted by CitizenD at 9:25 AM on March 17, 2009

Those are very nice. I'd really like to be able to read the captions in the Fort Greene one.
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WOW. Those are incredible. Way to make a ho-hum space really pop. We have a lot of wall space in my library too--not as high of ceilings as those, but I'm wondering if I could get permission to commission something. I am quite inspired!
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These are super adorable, but then again just the idea of shortened library shelves so little kids can reach all the books is already pretty cute.
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Oh, those are terrific. Here's a NYT article on murals, with a (so-so) slideshow.
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^the murals, duhr.
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Yay kids! Yay books!
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Oh, that is so cool!
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What I love about these designs and murals are how they acknowledge that developing a love of reading, books, and learning is not as simple as just putting texts in the hands of kids, but of creating an environment in which children can be inspired, excited, and comfortably themselves. Bravo.
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