March Madness
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Ladies and Gentlemen, your official 2009 Bracket. Previously.
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Landocalrissan Butler didn't make the cut... that's a tragedy right there...
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The logo looks too much like a tombstone to me. Perhaps they could spruce it up with some color, or I'll worry this is about dead baby names, and start re-telling myself dead baby jokes. And given the date, I'll end up taking shots of Jamison, reciting the names of the lost souls.
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Nemesis Vega loses to Nutritious Love in the tenth round to become the 2009 NOTY Champeen.
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I call foul due the shamefully low #6 seeding of Muffin Lord. The bracketology process needs some serious transparency improvements if there is to be any justice in the world.
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Nemesis Vega falls in the first round to Crystal Metheny. Muffin Lord gives Taco Vandervelde a run for his #1 seed money for entry to the final four. I still haven't decided who wins that region.

My co-workers and I have agreed that you must write out every name in its entirety for your ballot to be legal.
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Man, Adolph Hitler and White Power Campbell just can't catch a break anywhere these days!
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Y'all are outta your minds. DeMarvelous Carter comes from way out in the middle ranks of the Sithole Regional to defeat de field with delicious deskill. Either that, or he loses hard in the second round to Nutritious Love and turns up as a minor character in a middle chapter of Pynchon's next novel. He's a winner either way.
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Finished my bracket. #16 Willie Wham upsets #1 Rev. Valentine Handwerker in the first round, and goes on to fall in a close fifth-round matchup against Bulltron regional champion Taco Vandervelde. (Who then loses in a very dull championship game to Telephone Mtoko.)
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my Cinderella pick? Chew Kok, seeded 13th in the Bulltron regional. Sweet 16, guaranteed.
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If that's not enough naming madness for you, you can always head over to the 2008 Baby Name Pool at the Baby Name Wizard.
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Cash Flagg. Anything else is just an imitation.
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And all of these people will be Banned from facebook
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Nutritious Love in the Sithole regional just delights me.
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....Can you nominate people from the past? Because I am something like the 10th-great-niece of someone named "Freelove Bartholomew."
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No Plaxico Burress? WTF?
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No, no, no, it's spelled Raymond Luxury Yacht, but it's pronounced Throat Warbler Mangrove.
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EmpressCallipygos, that's yer sockpuppet name right there.
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Cherish Frankenstein. Cherish him!
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I got the Chastity Clapp once. Embarrassing on two levels.

Cinderella pick is Infinite McCloud. At least to the quarters.
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My Cinderella pick is Moonlit Wang in the otherwise lackluster Chrotchtangle Regional. I can see Wang going to the Final Four.

The Bulltron Regional looks to be the strongest, with a slugfest between Taco Vandervelde and Muffin Lord.
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I too am thinking Moonlit Wang is gonna surprise us. But it's Muffin Lord FTW.

And all of these people will be Banned from facebook

I was surprised when they allowed me to change my name to "Thou Dreamest". Must not have their bots programmed for archaisms.
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My final four is Muffin Lord vs. Barge Upender and Nutritious Love vs. Moonlit Wang. Muffin Lord beats Barge Updender (who just squeaked by Uranus Golden in the semis), Moonlit Wang beats Nutritious Love and then goes on to best the Muffin Lord to take home the prize.

What is the prize, anyway?
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Didn't Calamity McEntire wed Indiana Jones in one of the books? Or was she Doc Savage's niece's sister?
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vibrotronica: "What is the prize, anyway?"

A brand new name!

(Behind the scenes: I was trying to come up with a name that was common sounding, but wasn't "John Smith", but all my whiskey-addled brain can come up with right now is "Ricardo Montalban". Somehow that didn't seem appropriate.)
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I'd keep my eye on Katie Cumalat, #13 in the DragonWagon Regional. I think that name could make some noise.
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Next year promises to present stiffer competition. They're letting in all of Hodgman's hobos.
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More March Madness, only fugly-fashion-wise. If hysterically acid sniping at Hollywood fashion idiocies amuses you—and it does me—this is a must-go site for you.
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I went to elementary school with a girl named Buffy Swallows; she used to do, like, baton-twirling and other child pageant-y things at school talent shows. I tried to search for her on Google, but, um, other stuff comes up instead.
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Sadly, after years working in the immigration business, I am desensitized to funny names. Really, just how many Kok Phuk's can you snicker at? Now I seem to get my jollies not from accidental innuendo or the easy and cheap laughs of a bod part or function name (particularly from a mispronounciation). No, now I prefer to punny and the truly bizarre. That's why I am rooting for Cherish Frankenstein and Ed Jew, god belss you.
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Apparently I've also become desensitized to proofreading. Coffee?
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Scandalous: Muffin Lord's given name is not "Muffin"!
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Pollomacho: "Really, just how many Kok Phuk's can you snicker at?"

This is the same thing I thought through Glorious Johnson and Chew Kok. Come on, what is this, 6th grade? Then I got to Moonlit Wang. It's just.. so.. magnificent.
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EmpressCallipygos, that's ["Freelove Bartholomew] yer sockpuppet name right there.
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:-) What's even more amusing about it is that Freelove lived in Massachusetts during the colonial era, when it was common to give your kids names of certain personality qualities you wanted them to emulate, like "Patience" or "Mercy" or what have you.

And here's someone named "Freelove." It makes one wonder.
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