More bad news about Fox's multimillionaire.
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More bad news about Fox's multimillionaire. Now the smoking gun says he was abusive to a past fiancee. i'm willing to bet someone in the research department is sweating today.
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Uh oh... looks like Rick and Darva's next television appearance may be on Divorce Court. Gosh, what a surprise.
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This was Fox's attempt at a smash hit during the February "Sweeps".

What I don't understand is why the advertisers let them get away with this kind of thing.

Look, the "sweeps" are when the ratings are given a particularly close scrutiny, and based on this the networks get to set their advertising rates for the next few months.

The theory is that this close look gives a particularly accurate measurement of the network's typical viewership numbers.

But if the networks deliberately schedule special episodes of their regular shows, not to mention one-of specials like this particular piece of shit, then what gets measured is decidedly non-typical.

So just how does it make any sense to set the advertising rates for the next few months when all the networks are busy stacking the deck during the sweeps?

In the mean time, it now seems that he may not even be a millionaire. Reuters just posted an article saying that he may have

$600,000 in debts.

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I wonder if what-ser-name can sue Fox? It would be very interesting to know just what kinds of wavers she had to sign in order to get on the show -- let alone exactly what the terms were of the prenup she signed.

Cue the lawyers...

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There's also now a good review of the fact-checking that theSmokingGun went through to get the story...
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