Only Coon Hounds Are Allowed To Be Buried
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American Houndsman is a site dedicated to showcasing vintage hound hunting. Back when hunters didn't have all the fancy equipment and gadgets of today, it was a time that hunting was simple. Fetch the dogs, the light, and the gun and off to the woods for a night's hunt. Features vintage photographs of beloved coon dawgs, even the ones still learning, and stories of hunting dogs in days gone by. There's even a coon dog cemetery where the best of the best are laid to rest.

A group of solemn men, dressed in black mourning coats and hip boots, wearing carbide lamps on their heads stood beside a mound of soil and a freshly dug hole. A hunting horn sounded and the bay of hounds filled the air. Four similarly dressed men walked slowly toward the gathered crowd, a small wooden box carried between them. When the box was lowered into the ground one of the men spoke The Coon Dog Eulogy.

He spoke with tears of fifteen years, how his dog and him traveled about
His dog up and died, he up and died
After twenty years he still grieves
-- "Mr. Bojangles," by Jerry Jeff Walker
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What the hell did they do with all those raccoons? Eat 'em? Skin 'em? Was there really a huge demands for coon skin caps? Because those guy are just hauling those raccoons in.
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Eating them is an option (scroll past the tips for beginning coon hunters), and someone pays for pelts. When gutting a coon, don't throw out the gooey bits! IT WOULD BE A TOTAL WASTE TO SEND THESE SCRAPS TO A LANDFILL - don't do it!
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Oh! And don't forget that hound dog classic: Where the Red Fern Grows. I balled my eyes out in sixth grade after I read this one.
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In The Education of Little Tree there is a great description of an old coon dog hunter listening to his hounds as they run the ridges up above his holler.

Don't miss modern day coon hound lovers at Coon Dawgs dot com In the forums I was pleased to see local vernacular complete with phonetic spelling. Also if you happen to have a hound, a great source of information.
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Don't forget Coon Dog Day in Saluda. I had a blind Treeing Walker Coon Hound for about 7 months a few years ago and I always wanted to bring him.
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Yes mgl, I posted about Coon Dog Day last year.
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Last year I re-read Where the Red Fern grows, and afterward I found this website while looking up info on coon dogs. Very neat.

The amazing thing, to me, is that anyone would actually pay for a raccoon pelt. The raccoons in my alleyway are wiry and smell terrible. But they do enjoy a rousing game of CHASE THE STICK and HEY WHAT'S THAT THING, IT'S MY FINGER DON'T PULL ON IT YOU FUZZY ASSHOLE. Much more fun alive, in my opinion. But the dogs are wonderful anyhow.
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Pre Gore-Tex and fleece there was a much healthier market for fur and wool products. I doubt these guys made a great deal of money but cash is always in short supply on small farms and this is one way to acquire it without taking a job in town.
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This is great, thanks.
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Slightly off topic, this classic article describes owning a coonhound as a pet, & should not be missed by anyone considering it.

Many coonhounds in rescue are failed hunters, but they still have a significant prey drive & a voice that their owner will need to manage, if there are any neighbors in the vicinity.

Coonhounds are endearing, funny dogs, but truly are not for everyone! (Speaking as someone currently owned by two rescued, non-hunting Black & Tans, & before that, a dear old Plott Hound.)
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And also this...

Not the version I'm most familiar with (from whence the twee verse about the girl?) but the one google likes.
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