RIP Richard Aoki
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Former Black Panther and civil rights activist Richard Aoki passed away Sunday from medical complications.

One of six Asian Americans among the official members of the Black Panther Party, Aoki remained incognito until the early 1990s when he came out as a Field Marshal and founding member of the party. He also played an important role in the UC Berkeley's Third World Liberation Front Strike.

A documentary film about him will premiere in 2009.
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Aside from Yuri Kochiyama, I wasn't aware of any other Asian Americans who were part of that movement. Thanks for the post.
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The documentary looks fascinating -- thanks!
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The 'remained incognito' link is dead.
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Hmm. It's working okay for me, but the article - "The struggle wasn't just black and white" - is also available here. [You have to scroll down to the third article.]
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Thanks for posting this.
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.-. .. .--.
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Thank you sir.
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