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A small blog by Mister Raroo
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Interesting find. Thanks!
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Nice one, a different kind of game review.
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This is neat, but the Tetris one is kind of a cop-out. Should be something like:

Tetris (Game Boy)

I'm the first I around these parts in a long, long time. What can I say? It's a backwoods place. All sorts of comin' and goin' with no regard to rhyme or reason or fairness. Some places are more with the times – more modern, let's say. Strict regulations. No new strangers of one kind till just one, no more no less, of all the other kinds of folks've come through. It's a good system. But around here, you could go forever without an I like me.

You think I'd be treated royally on account of that. Nah. Here, if someone's dyin' to see me, they're dyin' to kill me. All or most of me's gone, dead, the second I land, just like that. I'll never figure it out. This place is a garbled slum, Z's all dangling off the tips of L's without a thought to gravity. Stacks and stacks of O's as far up as you can see. About a million holes between wayside S's and J's. T's seem to get along fine, but they're all still here. And the I's? Obliterated, instantly, everyone of 'em, with the guided force of an athlete starved to win.

So before I'm slipped between the fragments of some blocky junk and get blinkered off this plane of reality like all the I's before, I suggest you might want to start planning better beforehand next time. You lucked the hell out.
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Great idea. Am a little disappointed by the execution. Although his mention of this Opoona game is fascinating. Perhaps because it doesn't feel like my own.

Puzzle Quest (I-pod)

C'mon c'mon red. YEAH! Suck it orc. Okay subway seat neighbor I saw you looking at the screen. It's okay, you can admit that you're impressed with my amazing Puzzle Quest skills. Or silently laughing at me the 23 year old who is as entranced with her shiny palm-sized screen as the 8 year old sitting next to her is with his. But that's fine because me and the 8 year old have something you don't. Tiny digital PRIZES!
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