I want my MathTV
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MathTV is a real problem solver for many. It is also found on YouTube, and is free. Here is some background.
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Very, seriously cool. I think I'm gonna spend some quality time with this site.

(Hey, I love math. I never said I was normal.)
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I love this, thanks.
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Awwww. This warms my heart. Especially that photo of the instructor with the awkward smile in front of "do something for the person you will be in 5 years". YouTube is becoming a wonderful resource for educational content. This is wonderful - thanks!
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Thanks! I teach 6th grade math in California, and this is a good resource to show my students - and their parents. I was impressed that for each topic, they have 3-4 videos; one by the teacher and a couple by young tutors. I had hoped that would mean different explanations, but they all solve each problem I watched the same way as each other. When I can, I try to show multiple methods so students can choose one that they understand best.
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I forgot to link to it above because I learned about it so recently here, but the Khan academy is another wonderful YouTube math resource. It goes to very advanced, but there's some elementary stuff too, and it's all presented without intimidation. Also very charming stuff to me.
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Gosh, I wish this had been around when I was in high school. I stunk at math/algebra as a kid, and had to take 'bonehead math' to graduate. When I got to college, I did quite well in algebra and realized I had never had good instruction until that point. Tutoring would have helped when I was younger.
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Thanks for posting this from someone that has to do remedial Math on the way to do what she really wants.
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I thought this was going to be about Square One TV....
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