Teaching Art History
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SmARThistory is an edited online art history resource to augment or replace traditional art history texts. For a given artwork, smARThistory brings together podcasts, video clips, images, links to other resources, and commentary, providing a rich context for the work. Indexed by timeline, artistic style, artist and theme.
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um...where's my egypt at?
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probably in de nile.
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This is pretty awesome. Though yeah, "antiquity" starts a bit late as far as traditional Art History texts are concerned. Every course I've ever taken has started with the Venus of Willendorf and the Caves of Lascaux, so it's not exactly arcane to go back a few thousand more years.

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Huh. I just found out that I can't read sideways on a computer screen. (Leastways not after 12 hours of mixing.)

This is cool. I want one for music history.
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so it's not exactly arcane to go back a few thousand more years

Here, head back a whole lot further.
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These are two of the best websites I have ever seen.

Thank you.
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