Pirkle Jones, 1914-2009
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Photographer Pirkle Jones, best known for his images of California's migrant workers and changing landscape (including a collaboration with Dorothea Lange) and his iconic Black Panther pictures, has died at 95.
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Here's somemore on the man. I like this link for his impression of a happy turtle. Another person I should have known before. Thanks, scody.

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Aw man.

I picked up a book of his work a few years ago because a lot of the shots are of land around here.

Just for background, his photos of the Berryessa Valley and the village of Monticello (which can be seen in scody's first link), document gorgeous, productive farmland communities shortly before the valley was flooded to become Lake Berryessa. The picture of the well-dressed couple walking through the field to the cemetery is especially poignant when you realize that the cemetery simply isn't there anymore.
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It's there, but it's not easily accessible. This reminds me of some folks I met who were trying to track down a piece of land that their parents had owned, which was now under a man-made lake. I'm not sure if they found it, and what they planned on doing once they found it.
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Oh, I love Pirkle's work. His admiration for California was palpable.
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It's there, but it's not easily accessible.

It's in a different place, though. They disinterred the dead and moved them to higher ground. That kind of thing always gets me -- when you get kicked out of your "final" resting place because the living need to use it.
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Others may point to the decrepitude of the body as the greatest curse of age, but I feel it is enduring the unending loss of all of your loves and living heroes.

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