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A year ago today we celebrated Holger Czukay's birthday, so why not do so again this year with some CAN videos? Paperhouse, Spoon, On German TV in 1971, Mother Sky, Halleluhwah, Vernal Equinox
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And also too Oh Yeah.
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Of course, a birthday post that ignores some of Holger's most important work seems rather silly to me, so let's redress the balance, shall we?

Canaxis Pt. 1 | Canaxis Pt. II | Persian Love | Der Osten Ist Rot | Premonition (with David Sylvian)
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Ode to Perfume is my favorite.
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Cool in the Pool (!!)
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Yay, Holger.

I like the last picture here. That's on, which has some interesting things.
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Can is so goddamned good. "Mother Sky" makes me fall apart at the seams.


Cannot get on clear vinyl

Another song inspired by Can
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Holger Czukay's birthday should be a public holiday, I think.
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Apart from "The shit-collectors descending the mountain" (aka Der Osten ist rot), I've always been partial to the rather lightweight Photo song.
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I've seen it happen a bunch of times here that Americans get off the plane and they're like "Hey, Can, right?" and the Germans are like, "Who?" and the Americans are like "uh, you know, the greatest band this country ever produced?" and the Germans are like "you mean Nena?"

I mean, Can's not exactly a household name in America, but somehow you'd expect them to be more famous here.
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Can was one super-talented individual (Jaki) stuck in a fairly middling hippie jam band.
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"Mother Sky" makes me fall apart at the seams.


Soundtracks & Future Days would be close to my all-time most-listened albums.

(partially due to spending more than half a year in India with not a whole lot of music other than those two, plus Yo La Tengo: Painful & President, and Stereolab: Transient Random Sound-Bursts with Announcements & Peng! oh, and Current 93...Thunder Perfect Mind; so great. ah, the good old days of walkmans & cassette tapes...)
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Can are my Beatles.
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Watching these in youtube-quality makes baby Jesus cry. "Oh Yeah" is still mindblowing though.
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UbuRoivas: Soundtracks & Future Days would be close to my all-time most-listened albums.

Me too. "She brings the rain / It feels like spring..." Malcolm Mooney is brilliant. And Future Days is such a shock after Ege Bamyasi - and yet so incredibly spiritual.

I was poking around and I found this:

Holger Czukay's Short History of The Can

from which it is clear that Holger is an interesting cat. Quoth Mr. Czukay: "We thought more of a collapsing building in slow motion pictures than becoming heroes on our instruments."
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Don't forget your Vitamin C.
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The icon on the altar at which I worship.

Ah, Mr. Czukay, how I…well, you know what I mean.
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*Tries to avoid commenting in yet another beloved Can post. Fails.*

Mother Sky-Gazer.
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