Time-lapse plants
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So bored you could watch plants grow? Okay, start with Corn [0:35] and Radishes [0:46].

Round it out with:

Beans [0:59]
Bittercress [0:50]
Burr oak [0:59]
Cress [1:40]
Fast plant [1:38]
Fungi (footage from the National Archives) [4:22]
Mushrooms (the magic kind) [0:43]
Mushrooms (the oyster kind) [1:03]
Peas [1:17]
Peppers [1:29]
Pitcher plant [2:30]
Potatoes [1:40]
Giant pumpkin (with dynamite!) [1:28]
Stone pine [0:37]
Sunflowers (warning, unhappy ending) [3:51]
Toadstool [1:01]
Watercress [0:45]
Wheatgrass [1:15]

And a bonus for people of a certain age: Sesame Street explains how plants grow [0:29].

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So amazingly wonderful, thanks.
posted by Pants! at 11:50 AM on March 25, 2009

I am so impatient that I had to forward through that 35 second corn video. I need help.
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Shit, it is time to plant the garden already?
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Nature is incredible and never ceases to amaze . . . great post!
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If you open them all in different tabs and let them play down to the end and then hit Reload All Tabs you get a nutritious musical salad!
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Wow, I just lost all my urges to every eat vegetables.
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Plants are so creepy.
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it needs benny hill music

(yes I saw that one site a while ago, but I am lazy and dont want to find it)
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My wife and I just planted some Basil in our windowsill this weekend. This morning we found 3 little spuds pushing through the dirt! Awesome. These movies are all great.

I once had the pleasure of watching film of a Dodder plant being outsmarted by some other plant with musical accompaniment by Brian Dewan with David Byrne sitting behind me in the audience! It was a Cabinet Magazine event. I forget which plant was able to resist the dodder's rotating grip. It was great though. The dodder was trying to wrap itself but the natural swing of the other plant countered the dodder and it managed to stay free.

Films from the Prelinger Archive
Ant City, 9 min, and The Dodder, 4 min
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I remember watching a time-lapse of a Morningglory plant and being COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT. It kept ...moving! Searching! Clasping onto things and spinning! spinning toward the light!


On a lighter note, I planted a small mint plant in it's own big planter in the windowsill and it might as well be time-lapse with the way it's growin'. Seriously, mint doesn't fuck around.

Future AskMe question: What do I do with all this goddamned mint? Also, the cilantro's dramatic 90 degree turns during the day as the light moves creeps me out a little. Plants. Shouldn't. Move. it's a small step toward drinking human blood and talkin' jive.
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Carnivorous plants are fucking awesome, but I'm so glad those things aren't big enough to eat ME. I'd say they're nastier to insects than carnivorous animals are to the things they eat!
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Watching these reminds me very much that our notion of "movement" is very much based on frame of reference. Being a southerner, I remember watching kudzu grow during the summer and thinking "If I fell asleep here, for more than 12 hours, I might have a hard time getting away." Which always makes me think of Niven's slow life concept - some things which are alive simply live slower than others. To the degree that we short lived, fast moving things might not be aware of them as alive at all.
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This reminded me of an art project, or nature film (I forget which), I saw on Kudzu. It showed this vine devour a tree as if it were a lion on a gazelle. It was freakish. Wish I could find those again, but alas, youtube and google turned up nothing.
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I liked that they blew up the pumpkin.

(mint - dry it for tea, or make mint juleps. for extra yummy mint juleps, stuff sprigs of mint into a bottle of brandy and let it steep there for a month or two. mmmm)
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Mushrooms are so phallic.

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I am so impatient that I had to forward through that 35 second corn video. I need help

I forwarded through the sunflower one explicitly to watch the unhappy ending. How do you think I feel?
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I love the beans. Those little guys are so expressive. Makes me feel bad for eating them.
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The bluegrass in the background is perfect. I wish they showed more of the full plant though and not just the seedlings...
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"It can only be the thought of verdure to come, which prompts us in the autumn to buy these dormant white lumps of vegetable matter covered by a brown papery skin, and lovingly to plant them and care for them. It is a marvel to me that under this cover they are labouring unseen at such a rate within to give us the sudden awesome beauty of spring flowering bulbs. While winter reigns the earth reposes but these colourless green ideas sleep furiously."
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Man, just watching those psylocibin mushrooms grow is tripping me out.
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I thought the sunflowers were going to grow to be huge and then shrivel to their deaths, but it was different flowers than I was thinking (or they died before becoming the huge yellow flowers I was thinking about). But I did get impatient as well! I, too, wish it wasn't just seedlings but also showed the continued growth. I wanted corncobs!

Great post.
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I have just opened all those links as background tabs. The music is…trippy.

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