John Brattain, Baseball Blogger, RIP (1965-2009)
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People die and different folk celebrate and mourn in various ways. However, while it does seem as if everyone is blogging about baseball and boxing or UFC during these times that try men's souls'... not everyone can write about it for the CTV network. John will be missed by both Blue Jay and Expo fans and perhaps fight fans as well. Please take a moment of your time to click on some links, thank you.
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I'd never heard of him. But I've never heard of most people.

Saturday he was chatting about pitching stats and salary caps, and he finished with:
See ya on the other side…

This will be my last post for a little while–I go under the knife for the ol’ ticker at 7:15 AM Monday. Again, thanks for all the notes and well-wishes; once I’m fixed…er, repaired, I’ll be back with a vengeance. [...]
Sunday, he gets just one comment: "Best of luck, John."

Monday, just one more: "RIP John"

It's a blogger's life.

I just hope he doesn't really come back with a vengeance. I don't need Zombie John Brattain banging on my door.
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The first and third links give me SQL error messages; all others lead to random collections of sports stories that have no common thread. One has a two-sentence sidebar about John Brattain having passed away, but except for having seen the title of the FPP, I would have no idea that this was in any way connected with the FPP. Sorry, but this is not so great.
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Anyone know any good jokes?
My fondest wish is that were I to pass away and BTF got wind of it (possible due to my somewhat public profile) there would be (at the minimum) a 500 post thread full of tasteless one-liners, sick jokes and twisted macabre humour--the works.

I could think of no finer an epitaph. If anybody complained--just link to this post.

Best Regards

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