Short Ken Burns-like video essays about famous historical photos
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Mechanical Icon is a new project by Marshall Poe (previously). It will eventually be 200 short Ken-Burns-like video meditations on famous photographs from history. The first six-minute "Introduction" in particular is very good.
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Hey, the intro has a MeFi shoutout! These are loading a lot faster for me on Poe's YouTube channel, if that's helpful to anyone else stuck with a slow connection.

The essays are good, but the static pictures are a little dull, despite the fades and zooms and pans. PBS has spoiled me with their fancy-pants parallax effects, which, admittedly, distort the images, but gives them depth and makes them seem more real and inviting.
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(Also, we need a HISTORY! tag, like for SCIENCE!)
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I don't know, maybe this is good but can we be certain? Maybe? It is not really clear. Perhaps. Who Knows?
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