Even The Good Old Days Had Bad News
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The Hope Chest: Bad News from the Past is a new blog of old newspaper clippings, mostly from Detroit and Chicago in the 1930s, with true crime and other bizarre stories. Examples include Tries To Shoot A Cat And Hits Automobilist, Driver Loses His Arm Giving Traffic Signal, and Pastor Writes Spicy Book. Other highlights are a phony cop attacking a pornographer with acid and the teenage girl who became a tattooed atheist bandit.
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great link. I love the personalized reflective commentary the blogger appends - it's not a simple reposting of old microfilm, the blogger is interested in learning about the conventions of the reportage, about the culture of the time, etc.
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There are quite a few articles of people getting away with murder under the 'unwritten law'--a kind of nebulous moral law that seemed to overrule the written law of the time (a western Sharia?).
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Thank you for this. It brings me back to the days when I spent lots of time looking at microfilm and microfiche and gawking at the language and how society has evolved over a scant hundred years, and I would get really sucked in to the point where I didn't know hours had passed. (This was way back in ninety-aught-six, you see, before I got my first "graphical webbrowser"... now where did my tea go? Did it suddenly get cold in here?)
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Ah, well, I only thought I was going to sleep.
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excellent stuff, thanks! I agree that the commentary is pretty droll.

$200 fine for hitting his wife with a poker?!
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I almost passed this post over until I saw " teenage girl who became a tattooed atheist bandit". I especially like her leer. Man, is that a movie of the week waiting to be made or what? They need to get Courtney Love to star
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Dorcas Bacon is my new hero. (jonp is second-banana hero for posting this)
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Not quite as interesting as the Daily Mirror and hey here's a link to my site with similar ideas.
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Anytime I see old articles like these, I can't help but wonder whatever became of these people. Especially the tattooed teenage girl; she seems like a character whose life either continued to be adventurous or ended badly.
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Original Source Documents get me hot.

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