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A long time ago in an art gallery far far away: Star Wars as Classic Art via
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These are particularly good, I thought.
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Jar-Jar as Saturn devouring his children will get me through this otherwise grueling morning. Thank you!
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These would sell like hotcakes, if they were for sale. I would definitely hang this one on my wall.
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What a fantastic and wonderful waste of talent is SA. I'd never join for the same reason I stay away from World of Warcraft--I'm pretty sure anything that gloriously escapist would suck my personality into its engines and I'd never be heard from again. Unlike MetaFilter, which is more like playing a CD-ROM game from Encyclopedia Britannica. No offense, but as cool as it is to use my brain I'm not going to get addicted.

k time to go respond to 25 askmes
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Ok, some of these are actually really good.
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I was about to get angry at The Whelk over this, then I saw Vincent Van Yoda. I lol'd.

Trust The Whelk.™
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Ha! The last one on the very last page is a poster I actually own. The original, that is.
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Heh. Ceci n'est pas le lune.
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The bad ones are really bad, but the good ones make it worth paging through. I love the Greedo one on the fist page, and the respin of the Escher self-portrait was pretty sweet as well.
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The thread has a corrected version of the Death Star one (it's une lune) along with several other good ones that didn't make it to the front page article for whatever reason.

As always, the Something Awful forums are either incredibly annoying or impossible to read without membership.

Here are some more.
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This one actually makes a pretty good point about the similarity of the images.
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Ceci n'est pas une mauvaise poste.
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