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ROSA LOVES is a non-profit t-shirt company. Their limited edition t-shirts are specifically designed to raise money for individuals in need. Each individual's story is told through a unique design on the front and also by actual text that appears on the inverse of the shirt, directly in line with the heart. They have been featured in GOOD Magazine, and AOL named them one of the top 12 businesses that could be the next big thing. Recently, they introduced a t-shirt to "support the reinforcement and perseverance of a home that nurtures the culture of music in New Orleans".

I have no affiliation with this company aside from owning one of their shirts.
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Where's the beef?
posted by atrazine at 9:32 AM on March 28, 2009

I wish the "Rosa's Story" link actually led to, you know, Rosa's story, as opposed to the history of a t-shirt company. I have trouble reading the teeny tiny writing on the flash slide show pix of the t-shirt in question.
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pricey too.
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This seems kinda weak.
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pricey too.
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Doesn't seem expensive for a fund raiser type item. They are trying to raise money.
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Could be the next big thing? Yeahhhhh no.
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Seems like a pretty decent idea. People will buy design-y t-shirts even without a backstory, and these folks' backstory is a pretty good one. Probably raise awareness and spark conversations and make people donate who wouldn't otherwise do so and whatnot, too.

Me personally, though, I'll most likely just keep buying t-shirts from the thrift store and donating money to charities.
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As someone who gives to charities even when I don't get a tshirt out of it, I come down pretty much where box does.

However, I think it's kind of perfect for getting gifts for other people, since you have gotten them something and done something charitable—rather than just giving them a certificate to mark the purchase of a goat for some family. It's a lot tougher to sort people into those who will be offended by charity contribuitions in lieu of presents vs. those elated by charity contributions as presents than it is to sort them into those who like arty tshirts vs. those who don't.

(also, availablelight, I think that maybe Rosa's story is just supposed to be the story of the tshirt company, not of any person in particular.)
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