Confused about the current financial mess?
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Don't listen to 'economists', its all about the Cave of Wealth and Death, the Godess of Inflation and Derivatives Beast. In an astonishing 3 parts (so far).
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I love mythology and I love finance but this is a bit of an overextended use of metaphor.
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(FYI "Godess" is the feminine form of Godel.)
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I defeated the Derivative Beast with my +5 Bailout of Damocles.
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What in the hell did I just watch?
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*rolls for derivative*
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It helps if you think of real things as pixies trolls dragons and smurfs.
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I don't think viewing economic forces as gnomes will help me understand their essences better when I'm eating cat food in a alleyway. I might prefer a little more pedestrian education in economics than this one. "Enduring death better" is not an appealing goal.
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