Armenian Holocaust
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Armenian Holocaust - This was discussed earlier this year. I ran across this very well done flash site and was amazed at how presentation can affect one's views on a subject. Although aware of the story, it seems more real presented this way.
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I've been to a lot of sites highlighting activism. That's the best I've come across. Glad I stopped by.
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Good link, lot's of interesting information.

Off topic, sort of:

I actually thought that it was unfortunate that they decided to do it in Flash. It could have been far better without it and just as visually satisfying.

It's a matter of taste, I guess.
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There's a recently published memoir available about the Armenian Holocaust, called FORGOTTEN FIRE. The author's name is Adam Bagdasarian, and the whole story is based on his great-uncle's experiences. (Full disclosure: I work for the publisher.)

Not to overstate the value of reviews, given the recent film reviewer fiasco, but this book has been really well received and is definitely worth your time if you're interested.
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I've been meaning to get my hands on "Forgotten Fire", but it's not carried in bookstores - online and off.

I'm in Canada.. will look on Amazon. Thanks for reminding me.
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