Nebula Best Short Story Nominees 2008
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StarshipSofa has podcasted all of the Nebula Best Short Story Nominees for 2008, following on from podcasting all but one of the 2008 BSFA short story nominees. Previous StarshipSofa.
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The missing BSFA story - 'Crystal Nights' by Greg Egan - is available as a podcast from Transmissions from Beyond.
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Actually, I should have mentioned that all the BSFA award stories are available as text downloads:

'Exhalation' by Ted Chiang (Eclipse 2)
'Crystal Nights' by Greg Egan (Interzone 215)
'Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandonment' by M. Rickert (F&SF, Oct/Nov 2008)
'Little Lost Robot' by Paul McAuley (Interzone 217)
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I subscribed to SS for a long time only for the host's hilariously awesome accent. If he's got both Ted Chiang AND Greg Egan now....damn, I have to get back on that.
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Actually no, he didn't get Greg Egan. And he was quite snippy about it, the only thing that really mars the work he's done here, which is great.
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More stuff to drop into my to-listen folder.

Used to really liked SSS but when the other bloke left and in stead of overviews of various pulp sf writers and became more about the adventures of host's, frankly vicious sounding, dogs and tales of time he smashed his own face in when he collapsed at work I dropped it off my podcatcher; only downloading the odd thing of interest (like the award stuff linked)
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Yeah, I see a lot of excuses for going for a walk in my future.
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If you're having trouble with the iTunes links or iTunes is not your bag go to the main site and scroll down, you should see direct links to the mp3s.
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Thanks, Artw.
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So Exhalation won the BSFA, which is unsuprising since it's Ted Chiang and Ted Chiang is fantatsic - like all his stories (more on MeFi here) it's a neat, almost parable like little philosophical gem, with a lightness of touch that prevents it from getting leaden even when it's pushing all the neat ideas across - in this case a story paralelling the early days of Science and Naturalism and a reatise on entropy.

I'm not sure the Nebula stories have one even half as strong, TBH. They're okay, very much leaning towards fantasy rather than SF (with the straight up SF ones being the weakest), but nothing really leaps out at me.

Anyway, we'll see which one wins out.

Oh, and catching up on my Starship Sofa listening the Gord Sellar story the week before the Nebula stories, Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moons is actually pretty fantastic and well worth a listen. WOuldn;t be suprised to see it cropping up for a few awards next year.
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Oh, and apparently the SFWA website was recently hijacked by malware, so bad luck anyone who went to look at the results with an unpatched browser.
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Nebula Award Winners - though I didn't really have any favourites for the winner, I'm a little suprised by this.
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