How to save the newspaper industry
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Everybody knows that the newspaper industry is hurting (auto-play video). Suggestions are floating around to save them. But this Northern California weekly, which regained independence last year from the Village Voice Media goliath and is still struggling to survive, is sure it has the answer... and wrote a musical about it.
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They've seemed to solve most of my problems, at least temporarily.

But seriously, take a cue from Europe, they've been using this strategy for years. I can't go to the market here in Munich without someone's Oma buying a newspaper with a busty woman on the cover page.
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i like musical editorials featuring staff!
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also, i think i know that guy in the "your favorite band sucks" t-shirt... can't figure out from where though.
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OK. But where are they?
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They shouldn't quit the day jobs... oh wait....

that said, the Ann Arbor News announced it's folding this summer..... sucks to be in the newspaper business!
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Can someone sum it up for those of us who don't like musicals? Maybe a lead paragraph and some quotes written at an eighth grade comprehension level?
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To save people from sitting through another video of office workers popping up from their desks to mouth the words to a bad song: "boobs" is his answer. What a brilliant new idea.
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Editor Steve Buel's April Fools "New Practices and Revenues" is funnier than the video.
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"New Practices and Revenues" is surprisingly not all that bad. Or at least, it can't be any worse than anything else suggested.
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