Safeguarding Albania's Vulnerable Bull
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"Soon were the lofty peaks of Corcyra lost to view;
We coasted along Epirus, and coming to the Chaonian
Harbour, we drew near Buthrotum, that hill city."
- The Aenid - Book III, Virgil (trans. Cecil Day Lewis)
Founded by Trojans, populated by Chaonians, a sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius, colonized by the Greeks and Romans, sacked by the Goths, ruled by the Slavs, the Byzantine Empire and the Turks, taken by Manfred of Hohenstaufen, purchased by the Most Serene Republic of Venice, invaded by Ali Pasha and Suleiman the Magnificent, eventually becoming a place of refuge for the likes of Casanova and for hunters and painters, the ancient city of Butrint, a microcosm of Mediterranean history, is a World Heritage Site within a National Park which includes a Wetland of International Importance all of which is being kept alive by a partnership of local, national and international organizations . Come and explore Butrint.

Vouthroton, ΒΟΥΘΡΩΤΟΝ - ΒΟΥΣ/Vous = bull + ΤΡΩΤΟΝ/troton = vulnerable (from here).

In the Footsteps of Aeneas: Five Years at Butrint from Archaeology Magazine.

How the Goddess lost her head: the myth and reality of the looting of Butrint.

Butrint National Park is home to some of the world's most endangered species, including the Slender-billed Curlew, the Loggerhead Turtle, the Leatherback Turtle and the Mediterranean Monk Seal.

For additional visual stimulation here is a flickr slideshow and a YouTube video.
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I left out a thousand other links.
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Magnificent post.
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Is it December already? This is a fantastic post.
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You are awesome. Thank you thank you thank you!
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This is an amazing post, thank you! Tons of new developments I was not even aware of (being originally from Albania). The site was looted in 1991 when among other items a statue of Asclepius was stolen. It ended up in a private collection in Italy and although the museum's site says "Negotiations are ongoing for its return to Albania" I read in the local press that it was recently purchased by footballers Lorik Cana and Igli Tare and could soon be returned to the museum.
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The explore Butrint link is wonderfully organized.
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Whoa. Nice.
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Splendid. Thank you.
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First rate stuff, and thank you. Small quibble-

invaded by Ali Pasha and Suleiman the Magnificent

I'd reverse the order as they lived two centuries apart, Suleiman having shown up in 1537 and Ali Pasha 1798. That and the fact that the Ottomans and the Venetians seemed to toss it back and forth for the entire time between those dates. (Then again, Venice and the Ottomans had a pretty rancorous love hate relationship thoughout.)

Ali Pasha of Tepelena deserves a posting in his own right. Certainly he fascinated the Britons of that time, as well he might.
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Fantastic stuff. Thanks, shoesfullofdust.
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IndigoJones: Ali Pasha has certainly provided a fascinating hour of googling, thanks.
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The Butrint chess piece.

You're right, IndigoJones. I noticed that shortly after posting and scolded myself accordingly.
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