Napoleonic Wars at the European Library
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To go, or not to go? that is the question;--/Whether 'tis better for my views to suffer/The ease and quiet of yon hated rival,/Or to take arms against the haughty people,/And by invading end them? The Napoleonic Wars, in word, image and map, at the European Library.

A "graphic novel" of the death of General Moreau during the Russian campaign.
The retreat from Moscow.
Pitt and Napoleon dividing the world like a giant pudding.
Botero's Napoleon (not really).
A map and account of the Waterloo Campaign.
An incredible Russian poster from 1914.

(It's not in the exhibition as far as I can see, but it should be, the Charles Minard infographic of the Russian Campaign.)
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Awesome. This site is pretty Sharpe.
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Patrick Harper roared with delight as he leaped over the parapet, ready to check out the links with his large hands.
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Very nice, instantly bookmarked—thanks!

The text on the "incredible Russian poster" reads:
Хочу быть Наполеономъ [I want to be Napoleon]
Что же, пожалуйста, мы поможем. [Sure thing, go ahead, we'll help.]
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That's a great site, OmieWise.
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Found, of course, from peacay's bookmarks.
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Wow! Thanks.
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The Napoleonic theme drew me in, but the broader European Library site is a fantastic resource as well. Thanks very much for the post.
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