Baby Mammoths on ice!
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Make Believe you're in a jungle movie. Watch the frozen baby elephants mammoths go by. The beat world is groovy.

Awesome pictures of the frozen little guy, and a BBC story about the find a few years ago.
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But how does it taste?
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Yo, D-O-C, let's kick it!

Ice Ice Baby, Ice Ice Baby (mammoth)

All right stop, examinate and listen
Baby mammoth's back with a brand new dissection
Something grabs a hold of her tightly
Then she choked on sediment daily and nightly
Will it ever stop? yo -- I don't know
Turn on the CT and I'll show
Through the extremities I peer inside like a vandal
Light up the history books of Mammoth evolution like a candle.
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The perfect pet for Flat Stanley.
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Prep work is being done at the Field museum in Chicago for a traveling exhibit.
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...may you dream of it at dawn,
Clad in bronze and brocade and ostrich feathers,
Like that magnificent beast which once
Bore Hannibal to trembling Rome.
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Make believe you're posting on MeFi while high. Poetry flows or maybe not?
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Make more now!

Give me the first one.

I promise not to abandon it in the park when it gets too big.
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