Wild Wonders of Europe nature photography
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Wild Wonders of Europe "wants to show that Europe really is not about just highways and cities. But today, many seem to know more about nature in Africa or in America, than in Europe, because that is what’s on TV. The European natural wonders are still very little known to the World. We want to change that." 58 nature photographers are working on the project, and there are 29 galleries representing 16 countries thus far, with more to come. [via]
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Some beautiful images there. Thanks!
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You wanna spoil what natural beauty you have left? Tell people about it. Or worse yet, show them where it is.

Less than twenty years ago there were a few areas in the Pacific NW that were pretty much local knowledge only. You could actually see animals and, you know, nature in some semblance of solitude. Now? A couple of books get published and you get roads, resorts, and cabins perched on the lip of every nook and cranny that will allow it. Trails are like highways crowded with hikers on cell phones—litter and shit everywhere. And people complain when they see animals... because, golly, those deadly animals might be dangerous to their children. So park rangers and animal control go around having to kill these poor creatures. It sucks.

There is something to be said for letting people know that you have nature still and to encourage them to improve it. But the line is thin between that and exploitation. Of course Europe tends to be a bit better at preservation and elevating people's awareness. But my selfish gut reaction is tell you to keep that shit secret.
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The Białowieża Primaeval Forest has always been intriguing to me, with its European bison featured in Cro-magnon cave paintings 20,000 years ago.
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You wanna spoil what natural beauty you have left? Tell people about it. Or worse yet, show them where it is.

I know what you mean. One of the England sites in their gallery was until quite recently very well kept secret, but exposure has drastically increased the number of visitors and also their attendant problems. Hopefully the aim of the project is not so much 'isn't this great? come and see it!', but rather more, 'hey, something survived in spite of it all, and we should celebrate that'.
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Understood, but by drawing attention to these places, they are more likely to be treasured and protected. It's the places no one knows about that are easily sold and destroyed. I'll take tourists over development any day. Yes tourists = some development but not total destruction (cf. remaining redwood parks).
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Don't worry. The site's navigation will keep most of the locations a secret.
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The Białowieża Primaeval Forest has always been intriguing to me

Me too. Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park also looks amazing.
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I've always thought of Europe as being a place full of dark and frightening woods, with stags, foxes and wild boar roaming through them, but that's probably because I read too much bad fantasy.
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I always imagine the boar running for their lives from Asterix and Obelix.
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homonculus: Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park also looks amazing.

It is, and for anyone thinking of visiting Croatia, just do it, the bus service is good, lots of nice campsites, and stunning scenery. I had a great time backpacking there a few years ago.
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Fantastic to find this blog about Wild Wonders of Europe and some hot topics to talk about!

The main focus of the project is to open people’s eyes to what is still there and what we are risking to lose if we dont look after it. Most people think that Europe has no nature left. So how can they even think about protecting it if they don’t know it exists. People have also lost that special connection with nature and it is very important that we try to change that.

Over the last few decades decisions have been implemented in Europe which we are now seeing the spinoff from. This is exactly why we still have something left to celebrate. And why in fact, many of these species are coming back! People need to know that these decisions do make a difference, that conservation does work. The blogs by Staffan sum up both sides of the equation: those coming back and those not coming back

By raising the profile of these species and landscapes – we can ensure that people are more informed about what is going on and yes, that they are treasured and protected.

Do follow our blogs or join us on Facebook, Linked-in or Twitter. Our message will become very clear as the project grows. Looking forward to welcoming you there :)
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Nice of you to join us here, wildwonderb!
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The Biodiversity Protection – Beyond 2010 conference is webstreaming right now. Watch here.

Michael O'Briain, Director DG Environment outlined just a few moments ago that one of the major problems in halting biodiversity loss is lack of communication and that we will not succeed if we dont get the word out. This was again reiterated by Tony Long, WWF - EPA who said that most people dont even know what biodiversity means!

So.. we need full steam ahead with Wild Wonders of Europe!

Our M.D. Staffan Widstrand, is currently at the conference by invitation.
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There are simply breathtaking images of both Bialowieza and Plitvice on the blogs. Truly... make sure you take a look! I am absolutely astounded that Europe has such incredible places left!! One word... wow!

- Bialowieza has 4 blogs
by Stefano Unterthiner
Plitvice has 2 blogs by Maurizio Biancarelli

And you can also search the gallery pages of the website if you want to buy any of the images! :)
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