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Remember Gemcraft? They made moar.
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OMG, finally!
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On first impression, it's seeming more difficult.
Maybe I just haven't got the hang of the changes.
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Wow, I *just* got over my addiction toGemCraft and I rushed over here to tell everyone about it. Shit.
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Dear, sweet Lord, not this. Not now. You've given me dreams, Lord; visions of what I might be able to accomplish if I keep my eyes on the prize and my nose to the grindstone. Have mercy, Lord, on this poor wretched tower defense addict, this twisted shell of a man made hollow by the devil's doings. Lord, give me strength. Amen.
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on one hand, i want to wait for this to show up on kongregate because i don't want to replay the game twice ... on the other hand, i'm already playing and its addictive :(
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It's 5AM here. I hope you're happy.
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Well, there goes the next two weeks of my life.
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My god, why am I so bad at these games? Every other tower defense game I can fucking own, but I suck at Gem Craft so much. Why?
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harder. but better.
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I will return to this in a month. I truly cannot afford to click that link before finals.
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This one feels WAY harder than the previous. Each level is much more of a puzzle you have to figure out the tricks for. Though like most games with unlocks, I suspect that it's going to get much easier over time as you unlock more skills. I guess that's a satisfying thing to have happen, but it feels like a balance problem to me. I like a continuing challenge, though.

The skill system pricing is inverted; it costs the most for level 1, and less for higher levels. This makes it easier to spec in specific skills. There are also many more skills, which means you'll probably need to play with respecing for specific levels more often.

There seem to be lots more ways to spend mana, although it's all routed through gem creation: making waves angry, using shrines, blowing up the enemy buildings that block your building, gem bombs, etc.

My biggest frustration is that it's not obvious how gems differ in effect between tower and trap until you try it. My general feeling is that the blue (slow), green (poison) work great in traps, but the others aren't so good. I wish the tradeoffs here were more clear.

The cost (in time) of moving gems between towers is much higher. I think this is to encourage not changing the setup, which gets people more kills-in-a-row. It effects the overall pacing, too. You can easily get burned by not having enough time to combine a gem and re-install it before the next wave hits.

All in all, an excellent new version. Much richer than the previous incarnation, and I feel like I'm learning something as I continue to play. In the old Gem Craft, I pretty much had it figured out half way through and none of the levels were a challenge anymore. Once you started with decent high level gems, the game became a joke. I'm a little more confident that this version has enough tricks up its sleeve that I won't be in that position again.
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A thousand internets to you, sir.
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This is terrorism.
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You people suck. I just noticed it's almost 4am.
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How can you have a "strategy" on a level when the gems you get are totally random (within the level's colors)? Sure, the level will go great if I can just put a poison gem in *that* trap, but I never have the mana to buy gems until a green one shows up by chance.
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Fuck me. After a long time of suckitude at the first GemCraft and then a breakthrough that enabled me to finish the game and let go of a stupid, painful this. Why, oh why, must games that tempt my powers of mediocrity come along?
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Hellza. I thought the link was going to point towards something like Gem Magic.
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How can you have a "strategy" on a level when the gems you get are totally random (within the level's colors)?

jepler (and heresiarch--though you've written the comment I would've if I weren't still playing this damn game), y'all should read the strategy guide. It doesn't give too much away, as long as you don't read down too far, and it'll help you grasp some of the new strategies.

For instance, to make more of a particular color gem, create 3 level 1 gems and line them up on one row of your inventory. They will be random colors. Then select the Gem Bomb spell and drag a level 1 gem of the color you want onto that row of random colored level 1 gems. All three of the randoms will change to the color you want, and your original disappears. This comes in super handy once you earn skills that give you specific color gems to begin with; I make a shitton of triple hits and steal manas now.

And yeah, use the blue, green, and orange in the traps.
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I'd like to enjoy this, but being unable to control what gems I have available without resorting to arcane procedures makes it pretty frustrating.
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carsonb, I beat the whole first game without using that gem color conversion trick. How you ask? By taking FOR FUCKING EVER


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tehloki: I think the colour conversion thing is a new development for this iteration of the game. I certainly don't remember it from the last time round, and believe me, I spent waaaaaaaaay too much time on it.
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If that gem conversion thing worked on the first version of this game, then I am even stupider than I thought.
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Full screen!
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This is bittersweet. I didn't mind that I had a lot of stuff to do a few minutes ago. Now I'm enraged that I can't play this instead. Curses, I'll be back for it.
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NOOOOOOOO It's the end of my graduating semester! I don't need this!

But I will take it.
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There are a lot of levels to this thing.

A lot.
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Damn you, sir.

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I ...hate

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Some grinding tips for anyone plugging away at this:

1) You cannot lose "endurance" mode so you always get credit towards any of the amulets which count things (traps built, bombs thrown etc.)

2) on an "endurance" mode with one of the score bonus shrines, the amount of score bonus you get depends on the number of enemies onscreen when you activate it, so if you can rush-send a kerbillion waves and activate the shrine before dying that can sometimes get you a better score than playing the level properly.
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actually, re: (2), it's probably better to play properly until you reckon you're about to die and then do this.
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