Extreme Balancing
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Eskil Rønningsbakken: handstand on stacked chairs on top of Kjeragbolten; handstand on a trapeze suspended from a hot-air balloon; balancing on a bike with no hands on a platform on the edge of Trollveggen.

There are a few more videos here. I caught him on this morning's Today show.
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I believe you forgot the batshitinsane tag. :)
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Nice first post by the way. Thank you marsha56.
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I like that he's wearing full cycle kit while balancing on his bike over a Chasm Of Certain Death.
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How is it that I can watch a 5 inch rectangle of pixels on a little screen on my desk in my basement and be overwhelmed by vertigo? I was watching that last video and caught myself holding my breath.
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comment on YouTube:

For this guy this is not a probem to do it , as i see, he's a circus actor and it's not so important to fall from 20 metres or from 1000 metres - the diffrence only that it's longer to fly on 30 seconds, the result is the same ))
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Thanks for the thumbs-up netbros! My first post after about 6 and a half years of membership.

I have a fear of heights, but I guess I love scaring myself. One of my favorite FPPs is stupidsexyFlanders posting of the scary footpath at Caminito Del Rey. He points to a link at ebaum, but here's a YT link (turn down the volume, the wind noise is really loud.)
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These are wild; some crazy photos of him seem to be doing the rounds in the UK papers at the moment. His poor mother though! Also, I would not like to be the person holding up the chairs during the video of his SAS tower stunt. Too much responsibility!
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Oh thank god.. I thought he was going to do a handstand on that bike.. nauseating enough to watch with just the balancing.
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Let's hope he never gets labyrinthitis.
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this is thrilling to look at but i couldnt stop thinking that it was pretty much guaranteed that when this guy eats it it's going to be on youtube
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I suppose I'll be the one to post the video of the insane French dudes doing pullups on the crane. The scrotum-tighteningly insane part starts about 40 seconds in.
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Googly - I am still recovering from the time that one was posted on a previous barf-inducing post. I can never make it past the first pull-up. I admit, I didn't make it to the end of the bike vid with the Chasm Of Certain Death.
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