S.S. Stewart’s banjo and guitar journal.
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"Miss Annie Oakley sends us a note from London, England, Sept. 21 [1887], 'Your little banjo you made for me (The American Princess) has attracted considerable attention here and given satisfaction.'"
S.S. Stewart, one of the premier American banjo makers of the last decades of the 19th century, also published a newsletter filled with bombast, testimonials, and banjo sheet music. You can see some of Stewart's banjos at Bill's Banjos. You can also read Stewart's banjo novel Black Hercules, or The adventures of a banjo player.
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is anyone else having trouble opening the pdf's in the first link? i'm getting mostly blank pages...

(using preview on a mac)
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I opened a lot of these on my Mac, with preview, this weekend. They worked fine.
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From Bill's pages: Living with Vintage Instruments.

A.K.A. - Holy crap that's a lot of vintage banjos!
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They opened up OK for me. Very interesting. Great post.
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Which PDF makes mention of the Annie Oakley letter?
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Dec 1887-Jan 1888, page two, at the start of the The Banjo World section.
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That Bill's Banjos site just got bookmarked as porn for me...
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"The banjo, sir, is the Devil's instrument, and you would use your voice to sing souls to perdition. So that thing there in the corner is a banjo, is it? Had I known this it should have never entered my house; I thought it was only a gun - the unholy thing."

Best. Novel. Ever. I hope it has a lot of sex, too.
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