Eagle Cam! Eagle Cam! Eagle Cam!
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Eagle Cam in Sutton, Oklahoma. Only one egg (out of three laid) has hatched this year, but the single eaglet is doing well, and both parents are keeping a close eye on his (her?) progress. Live during the day, and the day's tape is replayed at night, Oklahoma time, for folks tuning in late. warning - can be addictive. Previously, in Maine.
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Right now, both eagles are in the nest, building up the sides. The male is actually the smaller of the two. The eaglet is sleeping, as it does most of the time at this stage in it's development.
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This is really cool. I'm watching the eagle tear apart a fish and feeding its young.
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Yep. Dad brought back the fish while I was typing my previous comment, and now mommy and baby are chowing down.
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Also, HAWK CAM in Philadelphia.
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Oh, HOW CUTE. The mother hawk is feeding her chicks dead things!
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This bald eagle cam from VA has 3 chicks in the nest.
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Baby eagle is taking a post-fish nap.

You can watch peregrines in San Jose, CA nesting, and San Francisco's peregrine chicks are being all fuzzy and cute.
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Awesome. So cool!!! Man, that little grey chick is adorable.
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Uh oh. We broke it. This is why we can't have nice things around here!
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Pinnacles National Monument in California has a Condor Cam, but instead of providing a live stream they host a gallery of images with a zoom-able flash interface.
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My first thought was "addictive? psssht...riiight..." then I watched a parent and chick do nothing notable for 15 minutes. Pretty damn awesome.
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...then I watched a parent and chick do nothing notable for 15 minutes.

Every year we get these baby animal cams, and every year I lose a day or two by having the window open in the background and making the mistake of glancing over at it.

Then I realize that an hour has gone by and my reports still aren't done.


Stupid, distracting, keeping me from work, little, grey, warm, fuzzy, nuzzling, wobbly, cute... Damn it, you did it again!
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Heh, I was just looking at the Osprey Cam from Milford CT yesterday. (info)
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Blackwater NWR in Maryland has an Osprey cam and an Eagle cam. There are two eaglets in the nest right now! Go see!

Blackwater NWR has the most bald eagles of any place in the Northeast. Nesting eagle pairs have wetlands and woods to choose from; their nests can be 7 feet across. (This is also the country Harriet Tubman was born into and escaped from.)
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