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Riding the Wall of Death. "My name is Sam. I ride a 1931 101 Indian Scout motorcycle on the side of a 90 degrees (straight up & down) wooden barrel board wall." Also, lions. And ladies and lions.
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The site's "under construction," and appears to have been for quite some time, but there's still a wealth of amazing photos, personal accounts, and links to other sites.
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I stand by my original comment with regard to lions in sidecars.
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Oh no! You're not invoking the secret lion are you?
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Cool site-I could look at photos like that for days on end. Plus there's plenty of warmth for other drivers there. Plus it's made with Net Objects Fusion-I thought for sure I'd completely forgotten that product!
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This is amazing. I want to buy them all beers, listen to stories about each of their tattoos, run away with them, travel the world changing the oil in their bikes and begging to be given a chance to go on myself but they won't let me because they know I'd break my fool neck until one day I show them how I've been practicing and Sam's sick so what the hell, kid, go get 'em, and fuck though, I know I won't, I'll never in my whole life live as much as they do on one whirl around that thing.
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Neat. The Wall of Death was the subject of an off-the-wall (ahem) Irish film back in the mid 80's called Eat The Peach (a neighbour of mine played the priest). I had a lot of motorcycles in my teens, and did some crazy stuff, but I never got to try that. I'd still love to.
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Reinstated but sworn to secrecy, never to reveal. Just like Jesus.
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That was a great film Nick Verstayne. I would love to see it again sometime.
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What is it with these things and lions? [NOT LIONIST]
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Though I wish this was the secret lion (and this the secret lion post), it's actually this post. still holds the website and the flash, if you want to invoke the dead.
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I would like to hear the conversation that spawned the idea of "lion in sidecar of motorcycle on wall of death," please.
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"A link that would enable me to go back to two minutes ago, so that I can see the lion in a sidecar for the first time, again, would be appreciated."
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Has 'lions' tag. Still requires 'alsolions' tag.
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DIY Wall of Death. 850 pallets, plywood, some nails, and a lawn mower (to maintain the grass inside, of course).
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