Let me show you a world of bats and bees, ants and trees, morning glories and a few beached whales
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The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, casually referred to as Sōkendai (a contraction of Sōgō kenkyū daigakuin daigaku), was founded in 1988 as the 96th national university in Japan. Amongst other things, it is home to the Soken Taxa Web Server which in turn hosts the first online Japanese Ant Color Image Database that currently lists 273 species of ant, the Illustrated Guide of Marine Mammals and the Marine Mammals Stranding DataBase, the Mammalian Crania Photographic Archive that currently includes 704 specimens, the Morning Glories Database that covers the many mutants of Ipomoea nil, closely related species and interspecific hybrids, the Makino Herbarium Database, which is named after the pioneering Japanese botanist, Tomitaro Makino, and the Japanese Bees Image Database.
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I first stumbled across the mammal skull db, but found the rest of the site too interesting to exclude.
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This is really cool. Thanks.
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I think I made something too big to easily discuss.
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Dictionary of Japanese Insect Names! linked to at this site is cool.
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Looks awesome. I'll have to spend some time later clicking through. I especially look forward to seeing the marine mammal stranding database. Thanks!
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