David Simon in conversation with Bill Moyers about The Wire
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Bill Moyers Journal, April 17, 2009 From crime beat reporter for the BALTIMORE SUN to award-winning screenwriter of HBO's critically-acclaimed The Wire, David Simon talks with Bill Moyers about inner-city crime and politics, storytelling and the future of journalism today. Sorry for the one link post.
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Sorry for the one link post.

No one should feel the need to apologize for good one-link posts.
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Ditto. One good link is all you need.
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Bill Moyer's Journal is one of the best things on TV. Honest, heartfelt conversations about a variety of topics, nearly always illuminating even if I didn't think I was interested when the episodes starts.

This one is particular was outstanding. I've been tossing that link to friends since Friday night. So much was covered in just that one episode, all of which is pertinent and needs to be heard. Impossible to recap; best to just watch the hour. You won't be sorry.
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I forgive you because I watched all my wire DVDs three times but I need MORE WIRE INFO omgomgomg

im serious
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One good link is all you need. Please don't apologize!
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Seriously I will accept David Simon's grocery list at this point. Can we force him by law to start producing it again?
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Bill Moyers should be bronzed.
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That was a fantastic interview. It should be required viewing for any lawmaker who hasn't seen The Wire.
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his bit on social equality was great. There was a quote on the blue recently, something like, "if you're poor, it's easier to have the promise of wealth than to confront your own poverty." I wish I could remember who said it.
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He's so damn smart and interesting, my only complaint is the interview isn't long enough.
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Yes! Thanks for this. I'm a little more than halfway through season 2 of The Wire. This show really feels important, even without this excellent interview to highlight its cultural and political relevance.

I don't mean to derail this thread into a Wire love-fest, but this interview just makes me wonder again - how in the world did this show so adeptly address serious societal issues while still providing serious old-fashioned entertainment? How does he write in that ineffable way, where he can leave so much implied yet make it so crystal clear what the characters mean? I really don't think I'm being hyperbolic by claiming it's one of the great all-time achievements certainly in television, maybe even in storytelling in general. As mentioned above, this interview should be required reading for our legislators, if not the whole show required viewing as well. Hell, I wish it could be taught in schools!
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is this something you would have to have watched the best show in the history of television shows ever of all time to understand?
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snofoam: No. The interview stands on its own, and any clips from The Wire which are used in the service of informing the interview don't require being familiar with the show.

I have never watched The Wire, and found the hour well worth my time.
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If you area really jonesing for more David Simon work try these:posted by dougzilla at 3:07 PM on April 21, 2009 [1 favorite]

Excellent post.

I'm sure it's been linked on one of the many Wire threads we've had in the past but for those who haven't seen it here's a lecture Simon gave at Loyola College a few years ago: part 1, part 2, part 3.
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May I suggest some tags which are missing from this post: thewire, hbo, davidsimon and sheeeeeeit.
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Sorry for the one link post.

Links related to The Wire count as four.
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@ ooga_booga - tags added
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I caught this last Sunday. Though I'm not as enamored of The Wire as most here, this was a damn fine interview even by Moyer's sterling standards. Highly recommended.
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Here's a torrent for those of us who want to add this to their "give to friends after you've made them watch the entire series at gunpoint" disc. Not that I would do such a thing, of course. That would just be silly and pathetic.
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So, watching the speech by Simon posted here by inoculatedcities, I find myself wondering...

How much of the lack of buzz about The Wire was a result of this?
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