Geocities May Be Down, Its Spirit However...
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Geocities may be on its way out, but you'll be glad to know the internet of 1998 it celebrated lives on in a strange mismash of bad hypertext and video of pornographic Poser 3D models at [NSFW].
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It's all about the web vernacular. Puts everything in perspective. While it is sad that Geocities is going the way of the dodo, it really isn't that sad for the sake of web design and browsing.
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(they don't stop to ask directions)
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Wait, what? Is this something I would need javascript and midi to understand?

Missing tag: Mirsky. Also, drunk browsing test. For the OP of the FPP.
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My virus software just demanded that I avoid that site, and immediately close the browser window and pinky-swear never to go back. (It's the most emotional I've ever seen a computer program. It seemed really torn up that I'd tried to visit such a site.)

I'm not sure I'm sad about missing it...
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I want my three minutes back.
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I thought Geocities had passed the baton of vernacular web design gone bad to MySpace.
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If I want my laptop to look like 1998, I'll just ditch Vista and install one of those geek OS's.
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I started my first website on Geocities in 1996. I didn't realize it was on its way out. It used to be a such a fun site, but started to really go downhill by 1998. Does anyone else remember how interstitial ads and transparent watermarks made people so angry? Wow, I'm actually feeling nostalgic for it...if it hadn't been for Geocities, I would not have had a seven year career as a web developer (I'm in records management now).
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