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Zoom in to brush-stroke level detail of the masters at the World's First HD Online Art Exhibition. At SXSW 2009, France's Zoomorama showed off its latest collaboration with Bridgeman Art Library. So far the collection features the work of only three artists, but for those of us who like to make museum security nervous by getting really close, the results are pretty amazing, and the implications for future exhibitions are exciting. [Flash]
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There's something about these zoomy things that always frustrates you when you reach the limit - you can't help wanting to keep going down to the individual molecules, and feel somehow cheated that it suddenly stops.
The first picture I looked at just turned into a lot of vicious jpeg artefacts when i zoomed in, but after that it was fine, so if you're having trouble it's worth persevering.
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I like the zoom ability in the Myartspace galleries. I do wish it was more than just one zoom though.
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