Jimmy Smith on the BBC
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If you're in the mood for some of that juicy, satisfying, blues-inflected and soulful-as-hell organ jazz served up Jimmy Smith-style, check out these 1964 BBC TV appearances from Smith and his trio: The Sermon, Wagon Wheels, Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, Uptempo Blues and Theme from Mondo Cane.

What a great trio Smith had here: Billy Hart is the consummate jazz percussionist, and Quentin Warren (on a Strat!) sounds mighty fine, smooth as silk. And the BBC cameramen did a fine job of shooting these kicking performances. Enjoy!

BTW, the YT poster's titles all indicate that this performance was from 1964, but I notice one clip contains a caption indicating the year was 1965... well, whatever the year, it's damn good music.

And... Jimmy Smith obit from 2005, previously.
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No one can front on The Incredible Jimy Smith. Nice.
posted by bardic at 6:39 AM on April 29, 2009

Did I see that right? Is he doing a walking bassline with his foot as he plays? [genuflects]
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I haven't even checked these links out yet and I'm drooling. Thank you, flapjax! Jimmy Smith is a force of nature.
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Oh, thank you! I grew up listening to blues and jazz with my dad but as a kid I wasn't interested in who was playing and he died before I thought to ask him. Now I listen to all the jazz and blues I can trying to find what I heard then. This is definitely some of it. I can't thank you enough.
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I'm sorry, I just have to comment again. I'm crying listening to this awesome music that reminds me of my dad like nothing else could. Flapjax, you rock.
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Man, I love organ soul jazz--if you dig this stuff, check out two of my favorites--Big John Patton and Jack McDuff. Thanks, flapjax.
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Holy crap great stuff.
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Really enjoying these, thanks! I was gonna throw in Jimmy McGriff funk organ but if I'm not wrong I got that from an earlier thread by you..
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Don't forget to dig on this one, too: Moanin'. Check out his move at around 3:08. Really, really great. I normally prefer smaller settings, and the audience is..um..disturbingly appreciative...but still. Jimmy Smith rules.
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So, so awesome.

Jimmy Smith was the one who pulled me away from the dark days of NiN, the Smiths and The Cure, and into jazz and jazz-based hip hop like Digable Planets and MC 900 ft Jesus, for which I am eternally grateful.

Every day is NOT like Sunday.
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Brilliant! I love Jimmy Smith!
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Needs a "chickenshack" tag.
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Needs a "chickenshack" tag.

Not to be eponysterical, but I couldn't agree more.
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Chickenshack tag added.

Glad y'all are digging on Jimmy.

yoHighness: You're maybe thinking of this Jimmy McGriff FPP, which was posted by ornateinsect.
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Fantastic. Led me to revisit the classic Root Down (And Get It), later sampled by the Beastie Boys.
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flapjax: you found it! thanks for helping me build my favourites collection!
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